RIP Adobe Flash - Here's How You Can Still Play Flash Games -

RIP Adobe Flash – Here’s How You Can Still Play Flash Games

Michael MJD
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Today marks the end of support for Adobe Flash. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play all those old Flash games anymore. Today’s video covers Flashpoint. A project dedicated to preserving old Flash games and animations for years to come. Let’s check it out!

How it works:

Computer Clan’s Retrospective:

*I stated in the video that there is currently only a Windows version of Flashpoint. However there are macOS and Linux versions of the program, but they are very experimental. Flashpoint’s developers themselves recommend using a Windows VM to get the best possible experience.

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  2. Forget games, a lot of industrial technology is based on flash. We can no longer configure physical equipment because the complete cocks decided to not only deprecate flash, but also block it completely, without any way of overriding their "block" in extreme cases where you need it. Complete imbeciles shouldn't be anywhere f*cking near technology.

  3. I miss playing stick page games

  4. wow it's 766 Gigabyte imagine my pc being like

  5. i hate how for some reason i cannot play flash in my flash decompiler when the program run flash OFFLINE did fucking adobe put a virus or a bomb that avoid still gets used OFFLINE?

    ( WITH programs not the sfw files)

  6. thanks, i've been trying this app out a bit but I think it sucks that you can't search by original flash name, maybe if I download the 750gb tank I can just search through the physical stuff downloaded

  7. RIP Lego Mars Mission Crystalien Conflict (fans saved it, adobe killed their work)

  8. oh man. flash games, used to play badminton back days… mutilate the doll is the best

  9. flashpoint 10 is trash it hasent any games

  10. thank you very much i cant wait to play jacksmith again.

  11. Hero that nobody asked for but Everyone needed

  12. where are the games downloaded when you download them?

  13. Man you have my eternal gratitude, you saved so many for this guide, thanks a lot !

  14. And the story begins as we leave behind chrome players

  15. i miss my childhood, used to own every single kid in Strike Force Heroes 2.. came back to see if i still had my skills, came back disappointed and sad..



  18. So I know this is kind of an "old" video in the interwebs world but was just wondering if anyone knew if it works on windows 7 cause that's all I got and very slow internet so I didn't want to waste my time to try and download it if it didn't work if anyone knows and can let me know thanks in advance

  19. Adobe sucks, I had one good fricken flash game and now I can't play it anymore. Fuck them

  20. Best Video Ever😀 I really wanted to play flash games for a very long time. Then this video came up that is you're video I am commenting. It actually was working on Windows 10 Thank You😄😄😄

  21. i found a way to get it on chromebook, now i can play smashflash2

  22. it doesnt do shit when i click start flashpoint

  23. I just use supernova player they have a chrome extension.

  24. Is flashpoint safe? I’ve looked everywhere for answers, and I haven’t found anything clear. I’m just nervous about downloading stuff from the internet if I don’t know what it is.

  25. Is flashpoint really safe? My antivirus does not like it. You can never be too careful with these things, so I want to be safe.

  26. We all know why we are here.. we remembered a flash game we used to play.. searched for it everywhere online… just for it to say "Flash is no longer supported".. then we jumped on YouTube and here we are❤

  27. can someone pls help me because I have a Mac so what do I do?

  28. crucial question here : can i also find old (deleted/or not) Facebook games? sometimes there are also, some large complex Flash games that don't have just one .pwf file, but a bunch of images,sounds,texts,textures… i wonder if this program can find them or not,, would be amazing if so

  29. The death of Flash is honestly one of the saddest things that ever happened on the Internet,along with the Club Penguin shutdown.

    80% of my childhood was just browsing Flash media. Animations,games etc.

    The death of Flash put an end to many game-hosting sites such as OneMoreLevel,Kongregate,MiniClip and Coolmath Games.

    I simply can't believe this happened. Childhood memories around the world were destroyed. Mario games,Papa Louie,Learn To Fly……oh how I could forget them……

    R.I.P Adobe Flash Player
    1996 – 2020

  30. Huge thanks to all of you for watching! If you're wanting to watch some more Flash related content, I'd highly recommend Ken's video:
    It's a retrospective and will take you through Flash's history. I'll also have a VERY different video coming out on New Year's Day at 10am ET, so stay tuned for that! : )
    Also, a slight correction. I stated in the video that there is currently only a Windows version of Flashpoint. However there are macOS and Linux versions of the program, but they are very experimental. Flashpoint's developers recommend using a Windows VM to get the best possible experience.

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