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Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine | adult swim

Adult Swim
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The simulation is corrupt – repair the core.

Animated by Paul Robertson
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  1. Let’s all agree if this was canon to our Rick and morty they would teleport out of there

  2. Id legit play this, gives me real Scott Pilgrim vibes from Xbox back in the day.

  3. You know rick is strong when he can pick up an entire car.

  4. Reminds me of the old splatterhouse game and fx! Lmao.

  5. OH MY GOD Metal Slug Rick n Morty edition Real stuff here

  6. This video, is for me, one episode of rick and morty! It's so good!

  7. That was amazing. The concept. The sprites. Real life lore. Very well done

  8. I realize this is old but I didn't see anyone put this in so – binary "donotapproch" – hieroglyphs "now die"

  9. If MultiVersus ever puts in Rick, this would be his move sets.

  10. かななcccapriccio 海外の動画にいる人 says:


  11. Someone deff ripped pixels off scott pilgrim and I AINT MAD!!!

  12. we've all learned something
    It takes more than THAT to kill Rick and Morty.
    also morty is over powered

  13. Rare times when morty is actually useful

  14. Has anyone else noticed the amount of times the illuminati symbol has popped up in the video you can see it every time something or someone takes damage which is the entire video

  15. 生命本质是陪伴和生存的幸福 says:


  16. Dude….they could make bank if they did something like this.

  17. Knowing how Rick and Morty's multiverse works this is just another Rick and Morty beatem Up rick

  18. well done. great animation. adult swim, you've really outdone yourself

  19. I can see this as a boss rush, roguelite, with some kind combo system that swaps the character your maining as.

  20. Seria un chido que se convierta en un juego de verdad

  21. :3 bath g – I mean I like the the fight scenes

  22. Imagine you could play this as a game on Xbox

  23. I swear Rick and Morty are going through soul eater rules

  24. I miss the old 2d pixel game. Some of these level remind me to Metal Slug and Megaman.

  25. "32 bits 16 bits 8 bits 4 bits 2 bits 1 bit half bit quarter bit the rist game"

    – The Nerd

  26. nah it's the useless Pokémon "Tail Whip" @9:15 that's just too much detailed reference

  27. I actually thought that this was a game trailer

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