Remove Virus without any Antivirus -

Remove Virus without any Antivirus

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How to remove Virus from PC in 10 seconds – remove virus without any anti virus. This tip works on all Windows computers such as Windows 10 and Windows 11. Easily remove Viruses from your machine without any software or AV.


  1. Lockdown passed Software Engineer

  2. Thank u so much bro because my i off the window defender and then it’s is not on and i am totally concerned and u tell this trick and then i seen-the impact

  3. I think you actually saved me from wave browser thank you so much you are amazing

  4. i had 21 trojans maybe the valorant skin changers didnt work

  5. Thx dude we owe u 😭 i freaked out 😭🤚

  6. I did this and there was no malicious activity on my pc 😁 love this hack either way

  7. Right on point! So much simpler than the other videos. Thank you

  8. That is correct sir, we'll done, "FULL SCAN"

  9. This works right bec idk it didnt i think work for me is there some vedio for this that if it detects any vuris and wants to delet it?

  10. nah man there is no such command in window 8.1

  11. please help me i've got an ''win32/neshta ''

  12. Yo ain’t no way the scat pack logo was stolen from a keyboard 😂

  13. MRT does work I’ll give you credit for that, but it doesn’t have certain features that modern anti viruses does like real-time protection

  14. Can anyone here help me delete pc Accelerate pro, its a virus and I have tried everything

  15. TYSM I downloaded JJsploits for roblox but it has a rat in it

  16. All it is is a slightly better windows defender so it won't get all viruses

  17. This only scans your files like every basic function of anti-virus but most Anti-Virus programs have real-time protection. They are continuously scanning the memory and core process throughputs. Some Anti-Viruses actually looks through places where rootkits may be and etc. Just be advised and aware on how you proctect your PC from cyber threats.

  18. does this actually work or something since I kind of did download something as well and I think I found all of them but my laptop nitro 5 fans only goes insane when its connected and it doesn't when it's not connected

  19. Bro i like your keyboard what is it called?

  20. Thanks, bro you saved my life from wasting my time because of the virus. You are a life saver.

  21. Can u help my brother he is crying rn cuz his roblox isnt working it says

    Virus: Gen:Variant.Symmi.29711 (engine A)

    The file was disinefected

    File: RobloxPlayerInstaller[1].exe
    Directory: C:UsersUserAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIEPKJHTMM2

  22. It thought my file I bought of my friend was a virus and it wasn’t. The virus protection ended up deleting the file but I got it back with a reusable download, Thanks!

  23. Meanwhile grandma watching this using chromebook: "Use disinfectant to clean the viruses"

  24. I haven’t played on my pc for like 1 year this saves my life

  25. bro I downloaded Avenger Aio of Ocean of games and installed it and now I m.regretting cuz it wanted me to disable windows defender and I did so… and now I m unable to enable window defenders back

  26. I turned on Protection so the virus will go away

  27. Thank you! I actually have an antivirus program, but it got infected by an virus

  28. Thanks now i will download all viruses 😂

  29. Thanks. I already did it and, nothink! I'm clear

  30. I have done this thousands of times and fucking mcafee won’t piss off

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