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Redeeming Codes on PS4

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Learn how to redeem codes on a PS4 system. Find out where to download digital content after your code has been redeemed. Get the best troubleshooting steps for the code redemption process.

Please visit this article to learn about redeeming codes on a PS3 system, on a PS Vita system or on a PC or a Mac.


  1. It dosent apear the play staition store

  2. hi is there a way that i have 60$ psn gift card i use 42$ and send whats $ left to my friends console??

  3. My sister wants to gain online to play gta online how does she do it she needs help I'm trying help her

  4. Нет такого пункта

  5. Bro ffs it says this prepaid card cannot be used try again kater i bought it for rm100 and no one talks about this

  6. wait I have a 13 digit ps4 redeem code what do I do 🤨

  7. Playstation store on my ps4 and on my laptop are not allowing me to even access anything that involves my subscriptions. Ruined my day, their doesn't seem to be a solution unless I get a ps5 but I've never had this issue before.

  8. Does anyone know if i can buy the ps plus suscription using the wallet found and the paypal??

    Like, the paying 20 dollars with the wallet and the rest with paypal

  9. Hello dear, I bought the Red Dead game, a special edition, and it has a code attached to the game. How do I enter the code to get the add-ons? Please help and thank you.

  10. I scratched mine and I can only see 8 digits , what do I do ?

  11. Does it work that another code can be used when you used another code

  12. I need. Help I got. A ps now 3 months and it keeps say errors

  13. My PS4 Pro didn't ask for the value of the code but i know if u buy it its 9.99$. Plus after I clicked "continue" after redeeming it, it just sent me back to the main screen like when u open ur PS4 so I kinda lost it and made me a bit mad. But it's fine

  14. How to redeem steam code on PS4 ? I have recieved 15 digit code not 12

  15. I would be more satisfied if they actually had help for a 13 digit gift voucher

  16. Is it possible to split the transaction between two PlayStation Store gift cards? Or is this only possible between a PlayStation Store gift card and a credit or debit card?

  17. Ok so my big cousin recently brought be this game called cities skyline on ps4 I was happy really happy and it came with a extension pack so i was about to redeem it when I noticed the code was 15 number?? That’s just wrong I’m not happy about that I tried other numbers on the voucher code as well but not of them worked does anyone know why?

  18. please make there's a opinion to change country region

  19. Can a code for PS 5 games/add ons be entered (& redeemed for PS5) on a PS 4?

  20. but this is how I made FIFA points and don't working it

  21. how do you redeem codes from a different country? my friend got me a 20 euro psn code but it doesnt work for me cause i live in the uk??

  22. 👉 Nova_vill2 On Instagram 👈 helped says:

    ☝️I sincerely appreciate him for unbanning my PSN account,am recommending him because he’s the best 💯

  23. 👉 Nova_vill2 On Instagram 👈 helped says:

    ☝️I sincerely appreciate him for unbanning my PSN account,am recommending him because he’s the best 💯

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  25. I bought a gift card but it has 16 digits where do i redeem it?

  26. Notice how in the "why your code might not work" section they left out that it's probably already been used because you're poor and bought it used not knowing the dlc came on a voucher card because they intentionally hide that from the buyer. Also we're fucking scumbags and too lazy to put the fucking content on the fucking disc.

  27. Can I use a google play card witch is 16 digits if I can how?

  28. Im having problems with regions can I get some help with that?

  29. Playstion my code for “fortnite last laugh “ it says redemed and i cant find it ☹️

  30. I have a uk ps4 account and I wanted to get psplus does it only accept uk psplus codes or any codes?

  31. Thanks for this guide. Had a freebie I accidentally cancelled after redeeming the code, and I was about to flip out. Thanks a lot for this.

  32. my friend bought me a digital PS4 game, I don't think I need to tell the game's name, when I go to redeem the code it always says "The prepaid code cannot be entered,etc etc". what should I do now?

  33. What is the 12 digit number i have a gift card but has 16 digits

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