QUICK FIX GTA 5 Online Files required to play GTA Online could not be download No Re-install needed - thinkfaststudio.com

QUICK FIX GTA 5 Online Files required to play GTA Online could not be download No Re-install needed

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How to Fix the error “Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded.
This fix is only intended to work on STEAM Launcher GTA 5 Files.


  1. i need this fix for xbox .. sadge. i did the dns change thing and that didnt work for me

  2. Panahong dipa nag lalaro si kuya ng blox fruit

  3. I did this and when I deleted my cache file, all of my progress from story mode and online are gone. Can anyone help me fix this?

  4. Tried, but didn't work I've even reinstalled the game..help⚠️⚠️

  5. Am I the only one, please feel free to reply to this question anyone. Every alternate day I have to resolve some issue regarding GTA. Every time it’s something new.

  6. hello, nice vid, but what if I am on epic games?

  7. I verified in social club and deleted cache but can't connect GTA Online and I have not steam account Should I have steam account?I have social club account

  8. Its still not working bro, btw i have touch vpn when i load rockstar games, thats the only way i can access rockstar games launcher without going to offline mode

  9. Panahong Hindi pa Blox Fruit nilalaro nya HAHAHA

  10. not working 2021 , but i solve it by disconnecting from my connection or restarting my internet and then go to online section while you are in story mode

  11. It is not working but will reinstalling game can fix it?

  12. Hahaha eto pla yung mga vid niyo date AHAHAA

  13. Hi dude, sadly it didnt work for me, can you still help ??

  14. Mine said could not download files from rockstar

  15. Holy crap tysm I was having problems for awhile

  16. Thanku so much it work so much for me

  17. Very thanku bro i thought my 2k rs got wasted but thanku you save my money bro

  18. I get 2 alerts: 1 being the your save data could not be loaded and the 2nd one being this one

  19. Can i play gta online in 7Launcher Pirated Version???

  20. Sorry it didnt help it even make things worse as you didnt show how to fix it for players who didnt install gta5 from steam but from social club i didnt do that steam check thing and only deleted CACHE folder from my documents, and heppened this: i was going in GTA trought rockstar games launcher and when when i logged in rockstar games launcher i was put in offline mode like it was looking like my pc dont have an wifi connected and it put me in offline mode where all i can do is play story mode no even online option and i tried many times with everything restarting pc and more nothing helps you should think about players who dont use steam too not only for steam homies.

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