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Put Games on a TI-84 Plus CE WITHOUT TI-Connect CE! (2021)

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Here’s how to send calculator games from Android, Linux, MacOS, and Windows! This TI-Connect CE alternative lets you use your TI-84 Plus CE like a flash drive!

Get Transfer:
My unprotected version for ChromeOS (version 0.0.4):

Special libraries (for version 0.0.3 & 0.0.4):
My backup:

How to jailbreak your calculator (for those with OS 5.5 or higher):

ChromeOS workaround (by commandblockguy):

Connectivity software:
TI-Connect CE for Windows/Mac:
TI calc.link:
TIlp for Windows/Mac:
TIlp for Linux:


  1. Update 9/20: Great news! ticalc.link has been updated to support the TI-84 Plus CE! I'll be making a tutorial for it soon!Sorry everyone, I accidentally uploaded this ahead of schedule. Everything should be sorted out now though!

  2. Do you think the chromeos issue is because you're on a school chromebook? I can try with my regular chromebook if you want later tonight unless it's already confirmed to work with chrome os.

  3. You’re my FAVORITE ~and only~ TI calculator channel

  4. Would it be possible to disable exam mode using that?

  5. This brings back vibes from the Casio calculators!

  6. iOS actually may be able to do this, I'll look into it and see if an iOS jailbreak tweak could be developed for this 😉

  7. the special libraries link given below the video doesn't seem to work, at least for me.

  8. Why do "readme"s have the .md file extension instead of something more commonly used like .pdf, .docx or .txt?

  9. great video as always! Looking forward to more videos (especially hardware mods!)

  10. Oh, uhm… 404 Page not found when putting the download link into my browser?

  11. Don't need this I just want to watch this 🙂

  12. so with the chrome os how would I go to download the game after i already did the code

  13. how do you exit the games once they load?

  14. Hey I was wondering if you could give me a tutorial when I can do this on Chrome Os I’m so confused and I really wanna play doom on my graphing calculator

  15. does it work in the python edition of the ti 84 plus ce?

  16. my laptop doesnt see the calculator, but does do the ping sound

  17. my calc just killed itself when i tried to put a file onto it

  18. Hi,
    Is there a version of this for the TI 89 Titanium or TI Voyage 200 calculators? Thanks

  19. i keep getting a missing library error for usbdrvce

  20. Sir when I use it it says syntax error when I try to play doom @TheLastMillennial

  21. bro this is incredibly useful. Wish the N-spire had something like this, N-Link isn't perfect.

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