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A Pokémon game that you can play for free on your computer (Mac & PC)! It’s running in browser, so you don’t even have to download any files!

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Catmosphere – Candy-Coloured Sky ()
From The Dust – Weightless ()

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com):
Danger Storm, Heroic Age, & Movement Proposition.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the video! Please drop a like if you did, they're much appreciated!✌🏼

  2. My ingame name is hrcaterpie hmu if you need any help Im pretty good at the game 😛 (i saw on a different comment that you're danish which i am too 🙂 )

  3. Hi do u remember me?? U worked at my school and I saw u at my dance performance

  4. I haven’t really recordered anything in 2 years now

  5. Hey question, can you get shinys in that game?

  6. it would be a better game if there was some way to speed up battles

  7. When I register and press play now it will give me some downloads :c

  8. honestly if someone could tell me why it won't let me make a account when im using the right everything then i would love to play it but i can't say it's good or not because i can't play anyone else?

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