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PokeMMO Is Shutting Down For 24 HOURS?!?

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  1. I’ll be at work atleast those days, so this won’t affect me luckily

  2. Reimbursement for 1 day lost on donator status makes sense. Devs probably realized how crazy the Christmas and CNY events got with players overcrowding servers that they want to be ahead of it this time.

  3. looks like they're gonna fix speedwagon i guess

  4. Never seen the servers say anything less than normal or high

  5. Server being off for at least 12 hours and having them saying "nothing will change" just confirms what I've been saying for years : they don't care about making pokeMMO a great and modern game with thousands of players. Since the beginning, their intention was to make a good "niche" game, and unfortunatly, 10 years later, still a niche game with a poor UI, no communication, rare updates and no endgame PvE content (except custom shit content such as elfbot or comming soonTM dungeons). That breaks my heart. This game has HUGE potential : /
    – YameteeKudasai

  6. Hey Pat, you may not remember me but I’m the guy who’s encounter counter was lagging and guess what. Last night I started unova and right after rescuing the munna from team plasma, I walk into the grass and my first encounter is a shiny munna!

  7. nooo may 5th is my day off! I just started playing too

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