Playing Yu-Gi-Oh online:Free and no downloading part 2 -

Playing Yu-Gi-Oh online:Free and no downloading part 2

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UPDATE: Go to this link for the new video

Play yu-gi-oh on the computer for free without downloading anything. Just…
1: Make an account
2: Make a deck
3: PLAY!
You have to do everything manually including declaring attacks, dragging cards to the Graveyard, and Life point count.


  1. Hey can u help me out i get to the virtual playing table but after that i never get to play i never see my cards

  2. i want to join badlyy but when i send a confirmation to my e-mail i dont get it. i need help with it.

  3. @DeckShowerXD Go to your toolbar options and turn off the popup blocker completely & if that doesn't work, then just go on tools on the internet menu & turn off that popup blocker too(my google toolbar wasn't allowing it either)

  4. when i go to use deck this comes up PS its a imac

    If this message stays here, please make sure that your web browser accepts pop-up windows from our site.
    You probably have a yellow bar at the top of the page that will allow you to configure this.

  5. NVM its working just wating on a duel thanks

  6. @rhino43092 if your a normal member you can only challenge if theres 6 or less rooms if your premium that does not apply

  7. Would u play a person if they comet and subscribe your videos

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