Play Roblox on 2 Accounts at the Same Time - How to Use Two Accounts on Roblox - 2023 -

Play Roblox on 2 Accounts at the Same Time – How to Use Two Accounts on Roblox – 2023

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How to Play Roblox on 2 accounts at the same time? In this tutorial, I show you how to use two accounts on Roblox at the time. This means you can play 2 accounts on Roblox at once on your PC. To do this we only need to install Roblox on our PC twice. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while I show you how to play Roblox on 2 accounts at the same time.

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Follow the steps below to use 2 Roblox accounts at the same time:
1. Open the Microsoft Store on your PC and search Roblox.
2. Select Get and install Roblox on your Windows PC.
3. Login to your account, open the Roblox game you want to play, and move this Roblox account to one side of your screen.
4. Open the browser on your PC and navigate to
5. Login to your account then open a Roblox game and select the Play button.
6. Roblox will open or install if needed. You now are playing two different Roblox account at the same time on your PC.

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  1. Appreciate how thorough your explanation was. Very easy to understand.

  2. congrats on making an evil mastermind become rich

  3. can you help it just crashes when i try opening the microsoft one

  4. So if I click on a link to a private server, which Roblox app would the link open to since there are 2 apps now?

  5. I would like to request a translation 😭

  6. this method is very good at games where u can farm on friends, cuz with this u can farm on yourself :))) (sounds a little sad)

  7. thanks for this i needed this bc on this game i play on roblox i had a skin on my second account that i wanted on my main so ye this helped alot

  8. What could you not like about this guy he's amazing

  9. Heyy may i ask somehthing, It took a very long time to load, why is that? And it said retry a million times and then it said checking for updates? It Has been going on for nearly an hour

  10. I already know this before you posted your vid sometimes when i do this the pc crash

  11. Thank you this feels much more safe than "Multiple Games" by wearedevs I heard that their programs were viruses

  12. I wanted to use this method to get back to roblox after being banned bcuz I said "HI" LITERALLY THE WORD hi

  13. Thanks bro, looks easy. Question tho, do u know if this would work on a PS5 or not? I was thinking about getting my girls 1 for Christmas 🎄!

  14. Yo i've always used this to used both accounts but recently when ever I open the windows store version of roblox it automatically closes the website version so its impossible to have 2 roblox versions on at the same time. Do you know a fix for this?

  15. for some reason the roblox just dosen't appear on my microsoft store after download it the first time

  16. yoooo tysm finally something legit preciate you

  17. Now what if I want to open more than 2?

  18. this really helps me in roblox pet simulator X so subscribe to him

  19. when i try and download roblox on the microsoft store the download button is grayed out and idk why help

  20. Ty! Now i will use this information to attempt to afk grind!

  21. You deserve a sub. I'll probably solve more problems with you! 😀

  22. i have a problem where after opening the roblox app and going to log in it freezes after about 5 seconds and shuts down. any help on how to fix this?

  23. i cant open roblox on microsoft store?

  24. Bro this is was a great tutorial, well done.

  25. i have a problem where after opening the roblox app and going to log in it freezes after about 5 seconds and shuts down. any help on how to fix this?

  26. Thank you so much for this video! It's was easy to do it and it's very helpful, but I have a question. Where did second Roblox was downloaded ? MY first Roblox is on my deck so I just click on it and its opens but how to open second Roblox without going to Microsoft Store and click "Play" button? Is it possible to move second Roblox to the deck screen?..

  27. My Microsoft roblox is always closing after I press play. Any ideas why?

  28. I always run into internet connection problems with the microsoft store one so I just kinda started using blue stack.
    I'm not sure if you can fix the internet connection problems and which one would actually be better for having both accounts running at once for a long time though…

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