Play PlayStation & N64 Games iOS 14 - 14.7.1 NO Computer NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad 2021 -

Play PlayStation & N64 Games iOS 14 – 14.7.1 NO Computer NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad 2021

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How To Play Nintendo 64 & Playstation Games On iOS 14 – 14.7.1 NO Computer NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad 2021 Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Watch the video for the quick and easy setup


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  1. I don’t see the option to go full screen on mobile

  2. Is that a new method how to play playstation one and n64 without computers, revokes, jailbroken?

  3. Hey Dino do you know any free vpn in the App Store?

  4. sokha praseth សុខា ប្រសិទ្ធ says:

    i can't seem to calibrate the L and R sticks?

  5. I was wondering if you can use that page to play games in smart tv is that posible;

  6. Holy crap thank you so much for this video I can finally play Pokémon games.

  7. Does it usually lag on iPhone X using safari? Also I can’t get it to go on fullscreen when I go into landscape

  8. Amazing I finally played smash bros 64 after all these years 😭

  9. I love how you just get to the point unlike others

  10. is it possible to play this with just the phone and no controller? I can click all the buttons except the directional pad for some reason. for example I can navigate the smash bros menus but when I have to select a character I can’t move the pointer to select anyone.

  11. Man you are a legend!, sadly i dont have full screen option

  12. Hey bro how do you do that faded effect on your apps?

  13. This works great just that when I want to play using only my phone the control stick doesn’t move can anyone help with that

  14. Thank you so much bro this means so much to me I’m subscribing to you

  15. I don’t see a “maximize” button on iPhone ☹️

  16. It worked perfectly except it has no full screen tab for me.

  17. How do you go full screen like yours did on a iPhone XR😭

  18. How do I use the the mover on the screen it won’t work

  19. Does anyone know if they took down the pokemon games? I search but I only get weird titles

  20. How do you play N64 games on touchscreen

  21. Why is it no music for TeKKEN 3 I want to hear Julia’s theme😒

  22. Does the joystick not work for touchscreen playing?

  23. I just tried it rn! Thank you, you a real one! I'm going to subscribe

  24. I wanted to play pokemon ds games but it’s in Japanese and not English:

  25. This is useless it doesn’t tell me how to download it.

  26. Another great man in the internet does not require injection or some shady profile downloads

  27. When I go to play the games it’s a bunch of lines on half the screen and the screen is black but I can hear everything how can I fix that ? Im on a iPhone 12

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