Play Modern Warfare 2 for FREE! | How to Download MW2 Free Access Trial | (Free MW2) -

Play Modern Warfare 2 for FREE! | How to Download MW2 Free Access Trial | (Free MW2)

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A free multiplayer trial is here for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2! This is your chance to play Modern Warfare 2 for free. This call of duty mw2 free access trial will give you 5 days to play mw2 multiplayer. I also cover how to download mw2 free access. This is a great chance to rank up your weapons on mw2 fast, along with ranking up the mw2 season 1 battle pass fast, and just get your modern warfare 2 rank up fast! Ahhh, it’s just nice to have an answer to: when is the next free multiplayer weekend coming on call of duty. So get out there and play call of duty mw2 for free! The free mw2 trial come along around once a season, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date.


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  1. are u sure shipment will be out cause moshpit and third person only working for free trial

  2. were can i find the add on s on pc everytime i go to the store it to claim it it put me back in the game but cant find it anywhere any help pls

  3. Guys Idk am I doing sth wrong? I just want to play with friends on this free trial mw2, but it keeps kicking someone out with an error "buy modernwarfare 2".
    It's like we can't even play together but I think it was meant to be played with teammates as well? Correct me if I'm wrong, maybe u can only queue up solo?

  4. Does it require xbox live gold or is it really free this time ?

  5. Can I keep operators for free ? After trial end

  6. one question cause when i join with my friends it wont let us play it kicks us out of the lobby and says purchase mw2 to access everything idk can you pls respond ?

  7. It is a pity that you can not form a team with friends to play, honestly that ruined the free trial for me :c

  8. Is this only available threw the free trial mosh pit?? It won’t let me play tdm, domination or free for all it says I have to purchase the game

  9. Then what happen after dec 19?do we need to pay multiplay access ?

  10. Is it bad i got diamond AR’s and 2 gold smg’s, 2lmg’s, 2 gold handguns and a gold knife from this trial. Dont even own MW2 lol. Got good loadouts for WZ2 now

  11. Why did I lose it tho I lost it tonight I live in south Africa btw

  12. After claiming the game i still haven't played it and I found this game in my steam library so I got this game permanent or temporary ? ( I haven't buy this game yet )

  13. It was one of the best 12 days of my life. Me and my friend grinded it for hours until the end. I wish I was able to afford it 💀

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