Play Any Game on Low End Laptop/Desktop NO LAG! Tutorial 2021 (100% WORKING) EASY!!:: -

Play Any Game on Low End Laptop/Desktop NO LAG! Tutorial 2021 (100% WORKING) EASY!!::

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Boost your PC FPS! How to play any game on your PC laptop/desktop and get more FPS no lag! Play any game on your PC no lag with this easy tutorial

*Speed Up your PC 2021 New Tutorial Video*

After watching this you will make your PC faster and will be able to obtain more frames per second whilst gaming!

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  1. That's a lot of deleting, I dunno if I should do this 😅

    I dunno even know how to my parents into GETTING me a gaming laptop since I already talked them into getting a laptop in general

  2. Who else is just trying to run wreck room

  3. I would do this, but everytime I turn on my laptop it says Windows could not be installed. I have tried a lot of things but it always loops back to the error message. Anyone know what I can do?

  4. kinda useless, literally everything you said to delete is literally in kilobytes it wont do anything

  5. My lapppy can’t even can’t catch up with this video 🙁

  6. Thanks so much, I had the min requirements for a game, it still ran awfully. 20 frames max. Now, it's running at least 50fps. 1 like and 1 sub earned 🙂

  7. You really underestimate the crappiness of my laptop

  8. Video Title "in (2021)",but was uploaded 2 years ago

  9. @L321 tech us how to download gta 5 i have a shit laptop can I play gta

  10. For the battery balance I don't have high performance XD

  11. before i do anything, i wanna ask, will this work on my laptop, specs: 4gb ram, intel core i5, intel hd graphics 4400

  12. My crappy pc actually runs Minecraft 😎 it’s still crap 😢

  13. POV: you went to the comments to see if it worked or not

  14. I would believe this if u used an actual potato pc


  16. wait it says 2021 tutorial but the vid was posted 2yrs ago,i guess he adited the title

  17. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is also a other way to start task manager

  18. The Problem with PC's is even the top end stuff today isn't that top end any more by the end of the year or in a year or 2. That's why I just do Console coz PC is too much admin.

    But I do have an Alienware although it's the M11x so what used to be the world's most powerful notebook isn't much now. I just wanted to play GTA V with mods…that's it, but seems like it's too much to ask without spending a fortune on a new top end gaming PC just to play one game and will probably struggle by the time GTA VI is released.

  19. Wait, the title says 2021, but the vid was made in 2019

  20. this man's got some IQ he uploaded the vid on 2019 and just updated the date to 2021 😂 gg m8

  21. dont delete prefetch it will cause problems

  22. It didnt took long to optimize my hard drive cuz it was 1TB

  23. great tips I have done all of these at one point or another though I definitely don't do most of them regularly. on the other hand the important ones I do get done regularly. unfortunately due to some problem with the newest drivers for my display adapter for my AMD Radeon R5 graphics I have to use the default 2015 driver and it sucks. (at least it is better than the Microsoft display adapter driver)

  24. there is one thing I did learn though. I did not know you could still set priority on processes in windows 10. that will probably help a bit

  25. Title : Play Any Game on Low End Laptop/Desktop NO LAG!
    His Desktop : Have 1.26TB of Ram 1:55
    My Crap Laptop : Have 1.26 GB

  26. i am tired of watching same go my pc, properties, advanced system settings, advanced, adjust for best preformance or control panel, power settings, set power plan to high preformance im tired of that sh!t do someone understand me?

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