Play Any Game on Low End Laptop/Desktop NO LAG! Tutorial 2021 (100% WORKING) EASY!!:: -

Play Any Game on Low End Laptop/Desktop NO LAG! Tutorial 2021 (100% WORKING) EASY!!::

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Boost your PC FPS! How to play any game on your PC laptop/desktop and get more FPS no lag! Play any game on your PC no lag with this easy tutorial

*Speed Up your PC 2021 New Tutorial Video*

After watching this you will make your PC faster and will be able to obtain more frames per second whilst gaming!

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  1. this is very strange why the laptop maker or the game itself doesn't make the game run smoothly why does it have to be the owner of the laptop. who have to fix it?

  2. Can I run resdent evil 6 to windows 7 3GB 64pit no card gravitas

  3. YO my pc went from absolute shit to god like

  4. The people watching this on windows xp: 🙁

  5. To people scared of disk cleanup
    It cleans up files from your pc from deleted applications that you deleted

  6. Your computer must suck. Well that’s and underestimate

  7. my favorite games need graphics card and i cant run it its nt gonna open

  8. Bro I have aws RDP.
    How to stream Netflix and prime video.
    It's not audio also

  9. Thank You!! You really helped It was a lil laggy but I Blame my Laptop for dat XD

  10. Thanks for the video, a couple of tips in there that I didn't know. To those of you still having problems, 2 other things that can be done are 1. Replace your Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive and 2. Increase your RAM Memory to it's maximum allowance. Not sure if this will help too much for gaming but it will definitely speed up your laptop/PC.

  11. Hoping I can play fortnite omg I'm about to murder someone

  12. Tutorial 2021 video posted 2019 mhmm interesting

  13. thanks bro thaaaaank you sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhh

  14. Video title : NO-LAG (%100 working)
    After I try the steps : still lagging

  15. THIS DIDNT WORK AT ALL I HAVE A BASIC WINDOWS 10 AND DIDNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. do u think we cant see the date of the video?


  18. it took like 2 hours but it was worth it, now i can get 2000 fps in minecraft!!!!! tysm mate

  19. I probably should just try to save up money for a new pc because mine is basically a brick.

  20. Where are my homies trynna run a game with a 4GB ram 5 year old laptop 😔

  21. Will this improved a Laptop that doesn't Even have a GPU or I mean the GPU is the CPU

  22. Interesting but sir, what language do u speak?

  23. 2019 and 2021 are 2 different numbers

  24. NEVER use smart game booster, I got trojan because of it. Im so scared about downloading from that day, i ask my father first before downloading any crap

  25. Bro thanks I doubted it would work but it did

  26. Also if you have a SSD do not defragment it as it will just make computer even worse

  27. Ain't gonna do shit on Gaming performance…. If you don't got good specs.. Nothing gonna help

  28. Idk if you still read this on 2022, but thank you. Previously i played a game it Made my laptop goes like old tv grey white chaos error (old people called it full of ants). After applied some tricks you Did there, now it's run smoothly. This video is the only pesticide i approve 👍

  29. i like how u roasted my potato at the end

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