PATREON BEGINNER TEAM LEAKED! Season 16 and Beyond! PokeMMO PvP Team Guide -

PATREON BEGINNER TEAM LEAKED! Season 16 and Beyond! PokeMMO PvP Team Guide

AFC Adinho
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For a couple of seasons I’ve been recommending this team to my students on Patreon. It has been a while since I created a beginner team. This team will stay relevant till the games gets fairy types and gen 6 gets added (2069). So you don’t have to worry building this team in later seasons 🙂
The Team (pokepaste):

Watch the Match Up Guide with this team here:

If you are new to pvp or plan to get in to pvp, I recommend watching my PvP get started guide. For experienced player it might also be a good video to refresh your memory :). I’ll be explaining things like mechanics, team styles, pvp tips and a lot more! The video includes a free PDF file with everything you need to know to get started!
here is the video:

Watch my battles with this Beginner Team here:

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  1. Can you make guide on how to counter this team? Keep facing it against me all the time

  2. Excellent team ! Huge coverage, too many priority move too , that's very important. Lovely team to play

  3. beginner vid but there was still some really great high level points with like EV optimization for rocks/download.

  4. Maybe a video with tips for stall teams? See ya

  5. Ahh this team i saw you using it in spectate straight two wins easily hehe

  6. Nice video👍 I want to learn how to play a stall team too . I hope you make a video on it too

  7. most players I think would say 31iv on what matters most and 25+ on all the other stats is acceptable. What do you think about that?

  8. this is pure gold thnx bro! i watch all your videos .Unfortunately I live in a poor country so I cannot afford the Patreon expenses xD I really appreciate this content. Again thank you so much

  9. Am getting tired of this game bro. It like the game make the noob player super lucky smh😡

  10. Thx bro, really helps a noob like me! I just subscribed 😊

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