Pain Warlock is... A PAINFUL EXPERIENCE in Hearthstone... And I'm NOT JUST MAKING a JOKE... -

Pain Warlock is… A PAINFUL EXPERIENCE in Hearthstone… And I’m NOT JUST MAKING a JOKE…

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When I saw Molten Giant return to the Core set for Whizbang’s Workshop. I leaped for joy. But then I actually played this deck in Hearthstone… And now I wanna cry because this deck is either REALLY GOOD… or REALLY BAD…

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0:00 Start
0:15 Deck Breakdown
04:00 First Game: INSANE
07:21 Second Game: INSANE
09:38 Sobering Experience
13:07 TURN 5 LETHAL…
15:35 Nerf Pls
18:13 Frosty PTSD
20:42 The Tilt Continues
24:48 Daddy Popi
29:09 Sharing the Pain by Turn 6
31:56 Ready for a Standoff?


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  1. Just got to legend with this deck 51-35 d5 to legend. I changed a little bit but making zilliax life steal and cut the trogg's for an argus and a neophyte. This allowed me to pull off a bunch of wins vs demon hunters and shamans which usually destroy this deck.

  2. Need draw a random demon instead of discover one

  3. Please try to make a working mech pladin 🙂

  4. I like using the spellstone in this deck, it gets to lv 3 so easily especially with the geode. I don't even run the fatigue package or popgar in this deck. It seemed inconsistent for me imo

  5. Think warlock decks more resource heavy which is why I don’t build ‘‘em much maybe I’m wrong just a poor player

  6. it frustrates me that i can't get a win with this deck, even though i really like it ffs

  7. i just run the one on the vicious syndicate i went 15 and 3 with it just go balls deep u either drop huge bombs on 4 or 5 and copy them and they dont deal with it or they do either way games are fast my longest game was 8 turns lol..

  8. If DH piss you off you can try to tech like 2 glacial shard to prevent face damages from weapons ect and probably put as well defender of Argus to put taunt to theses well stats minions such as molten giants or improsoned horror's.Or if you face more match's up were it comes to spell burst in your face speaker stomper on an pressure board can maybe do it to.

  9. Turn 5 lethals? Welcome back to old aggro hunter

  10. Don't care about the deck, but watching Clark talk 💩about Demon Hunter being broken is the therapy I needed.

  11. How can one obtain the % mulligan and keep win rates and hand rank visuals during the mulligan? HSR premium?

  12. Clark!!! Bro!!! Wtf man where's the rest of your drum kit

  13. Oh and good sht man awesome vid per the usual

  14. Mars Volta is dope. If u want more experimental check out The Inner Mounting Flame by Mahavishnu, or Heavy Weather by Weather Report…will blow your mind

  15. Day 2 of asking for Zarimi Priest video

  16. In this meta you either play Aggro DH or Plague DK 🥱

  17. I'm angry and I needed to fume somewhere because I just played DK vs warrior and he had 26 cards in his deck and 20 of those were plagues, and he was at 2 hp and he OTK'd me because he had played odyn and I just came here to say this game is gay af

  18. 8/8 imp is way batter than that 5/5, also easier proc. pain is unplayable until dh ded.

  19. If I was a youtube content creator with long blue hair, I would be uploading some absolute bangers of videos. Like me farting over a h.s game for 15mins strait, looped. I would, make constant jokes about having a world record for the smallest penis.. like i just dont get why youtubers take themselves so seriously. Have fun with it! no one but the hardest core hs players give a fuck about what the actual video is about mfer. get real. Love ya.

  20. whos the other guy who only plays in plat, i cant remember.. but he whines and complains just as much. Brother let me tell you, the hs subreddit crys enough for every single person in that game, we dont need another 30min on why demon hunt makes you upset, not good content. Just advice. Yall game tubers need to stop complaining and being so whiney, its the number one thing me and im assuming others hate watching. hence why kibler is a god, no matter how bad it gets its just "Ok..Oh.. Ok ok.." he just accepts it, but you cry for nearly 5mins of the video about how DeMoN HuNtEr HuRtS My AsShOlE.. ya we dont careeeeeeeee. j.s, goodluck, luv ya!

  21. Alrighty folks, when Clark starts to showcase the memiest decks around it‘s time for the miniset. 😂

  22. Thanks for the showcase of the deck, but why do you put a #1 legend picture in the thumbnail when this deck is not for getting legend?

  23. Honestly molten giants just needed a buff adding Taunt. Honestly sounds fair to a card that need you to be low life. You could still die to spells, or some shinannigans, but would make this kind of deck viable. I'm struggling to make a Big Paladin work as well. It has so many tools but they are all "not there", just needed a lil bit of attention from Blizzard and there would be a loooot of decks being good and a really fun meta.

  24. Making my legend climb with Secret Hunter, my own build with a very high winrate 70%+
    Would like to see if you'd be willing to check it out and possibly feature it
    Currently Diamond 2

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