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Our Plane Crashes After C4 Explodes it in Stormworks Multiplayer!

Camodo Gaming
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Our Plane Crashes After C4 Explodes it in Stormworks Multiplayer! (Stormworks Game) Today Camodo Gaming is back with the boys in Stormworks Build and Rescue plane crash survival.

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  1. You should play Off road Outlaws it is a fun game and I love the videos.

  2. Oh no
    Edit:5:30 Very much a crime 🥚

  3. @camodo gaming how do I spawn the big planes on the map aka what island and how

  4. I was hoping you spy and OB could revisit astroneer, it has had a lot of updates and would be nice to see you guys play again, please

  5. 14:47 I love how you can see the tiny blue spec of one of passengers

  6. camodo I've been a subscriber for a long time please please play more farming simulator 22 by the way love it

  7. I love your videos Comodo! I watch all of them! I thought I've been subscribed for months now but I am now! keep up the great work!

  8. I love your videos I haven’t watched them in a while but I have been subscribed to you since 40k subs your videos never fail to make me happy keep up the great work camodo

  9. I couldn’t stop laughing when Camodo blew up the chicken!

  10. It’s not Murphy’s law it’s OB’s law everything that can go wrong when you fly or drive a boat or anything in a game if OB’s around it will go wrong

  11. I have a question will you make anymore Gmod videos

  12. Camodo I was wondering if you might like to use my Soviet theamed missile truck for a video and blow up ob

  13. To become camodo you must blame ob for everything

  14. Was the plane a dc-8-63 and also you should use x-plane to learn how to fly a dc-8

  15. Next video they're gonna fly a plane into a building

  16. Bro I LOVE THIS GAME pls make with this game more videos pls

  17. you should get C4Vs addon V0.9 it lets you spawn a Sasquatch (what people call bigfoot) and you cna spawn dogs and stuf

  18. can you give me the name of this creation? i wanna check it out myself. Thanks in advance

  19. Thanks for checking out my creation

  20. What creation is being used?
    The plane one.

  21. Everyone in this vid needs to learn more avation for exaample:how dont u know that when u dump fuel it doesnt dump all of it

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