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osu! on a Web Browser! | It works very well?!

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osu! lazer that works right on your web browser! So far, Google Chrome and Firefox are supported. Today we’re going to try it out and talk a bit about it. I wonder if it works well for lower-end PCs…

By the way, I’ve been trying to edit my videos a bit more, do you guys like it?

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (remix by rN )
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  1. pov: you have a windows xp and you want to play osu

  2. How do you translate it to English someone please help me

  3. It’s a good day when an osu! youtuber knows what v3rmillion lmao

  4. Took me a minute to realize she dosnt have eyebrows

  5. Go commit eat tortilla chip vertically 🤬 says:

    how do you play osu?

  6. i'm on pc and it wont let me click the difficulties the beat map even loaded in the corner any help???

  7. it says broswer not supported im on chrome

  8. it wont let me use my keyboard only my mouse pls help

  9. We can pause in real OSU! With esc too I always do that


  11. Holy unblocker can also allow you to play web osu at school

  12. i cant even play a song due to the fact that they just go the the top left corner and just sit there how do I play can someone tell me

  13. Aw man. It doesn't work on my windows 10 pc. Anyone have a fix?


  14. its now a scam link bruh, i've been playing the website since 3 months ago, and now it's a scam website basically

  15. A godsend for those who can't run exes without admin approval

  16. atleast i dont need linux to get it on chromebook anymore!

  17. my school blocked roblox. the web browser works but i can download osu without having to accept admin so im fine with it. i used the web browser to play osu in the chromebook.

  18. I can’t this play osu on my chromebook anymore it says the latest version of Firefox or chrome is recommended

  19. well some reasson when i pressed on one of the games i wanted to do it littery some reasson kept putting some Circle blue thing and wont let me do one of the osu games

  20. Osu!browser version osu lazer? Skin very some osu!lazer

  21. what buttons do u press :> I CANT FIGURE IT OUT DAMMIT

  22. you fucking got me at "roblox hacking forum" its so funny lol

  23. no but thank you sm. this video literally made me scream cuz i used to play the actual downloaded version of osu, but now my computer broke and im using my moms for the time being. anyways, i had to use osu-web for that period of time😭 but i found this vid and i am so gald because the website in this video actually lets us search up a site, and the cursor and sliders look so much more accurate to the real deal! its so much better thank you!!

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