OpenVic gains the blessing of Paradox (without the 2): Project Update! -

OpenVic gains the blessing of Paradox (without the 2): Project Update!

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Massive positive news about the project. OpenVic officially gets the go-ahead from Paradox, with one small condition: that we drop the 2. (More than happy to accept). This discussion stream with team members will talk about that news, as well as a general update on the progress of the project, and we’ll showcase the vastly upgraded website.

I’m joined by Joethepro36; old friend & a project lead responsible for requirements. BrickPi; developer responsible for building the current website on Youri’s foundations.

We will answer questions in a section toward the end of the stream. If you have any questions about the project, superchats have a 100% chance of being answered and questions in the chat have a good chance of being answered. Superchats support me and my channel because this is my full-time job, not the OpenVic2 project itself which currently has no money involved.

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  1. does peace stabbing work with AI in vic 2, i cant find an answer online

  2. they stole the 2 🙁

    Also what will happen if you need to release an actual OpenVic the 2nd hmm

  3. Well, at least they didn't screech and send a C&D

  4. i also couldn't really see paradox going after openvic too hard anyway, what goodwill they might have had left with the community would be annihilated in an instant.

  5. Really cool stuff. I love these streams, i cant wait for the day i can pkay vic2 multi without more rehosts than wars

  6. will open vicky be compatible with old paradox games for mega campains from eu4 to vic2 to then convert to hoi4?

  7. You know what RGO Vic2 DESPERATELY needs?

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