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Nvidia GeForce Now – Install EAC for Unsupported Steam Games [No Longer Working]

Anson Alexander
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How to install Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) for unsupported Steam games as of October 2018.

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  1. Unfortunately it looks like Nvidia has now patched this. Sorry everyone but I'm on the lookout for another solution and will update if and when I find one.

  2. are you able to upload 3rd party apps / files like minecraft texture packs to geforce now ?

  3. Why steam not working on GF now it say error?

  4. Very good method, sadly it is not working as well for me 🙁 (World War 3 btw)

  5. How the heck do you install a 3GB game in 10 seconds x.x

  6. How do you play games like Roblox on Nvidia GeForce Now?

  7. How the fuck can I find my steam games on geforce now? I am tired of having to reinstall mega man everytime I wanna play the game from steam. Is there a way to fix this?

  8. I want to play DayZ with Geforce now, but i have some mods for dayz from workshop and in order to play with them i have to open the dayz launcher and start the game from there, and as i know, i can't access the DayZ launcher from geforce now! am i wrong? please answer

  9. I have managed to run 7 days to die with EAC by first running another EAC-activated game called Darwin project. After the game loads you only need to quit it and then directly start 7 days to die. Then EAC loads as it should and you can play. I would bet this works on other games that also prompts you to install EAC.

  10. when trying to launch steam they saying '' activation code '

  11. Doesn't work like it used to unfortunately, it will just say under downloads "MISSING FILE PRIVILEGES"

  12. i am not getting that option "steam", please help

  13. Has anyone been able to play "ashes of creation apocalypse" it give me an error stating "windows r2 is not supported" can anyone help me please.

  14. thanks bro shinobi striker works now ur a live saver

  15. still working my nigga i wasnt able to play Watch Dogs 2 ty

  16. But I have another problems, I want to play on pvpro on csgo and it needs eac but it won't launch

  17. I have a game on CD (with cd key) , I can import this game in the steam library as a Non-Steam-Game, but I can't play this through Geforce Now … any ideas ?

  18. You are my hero I try with The Isle Evrima oll

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