No need to download Xbox games. Here’s how to play from the cloud. -

No need to download Xbox games. Here’s how to play from the cloud.

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The service lets you play next-gen exclusives on your Xbox One, if your internet connection is strong enough.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:
Series X:
Series S:
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  1. Not even showing up for me… damn…. I wanted to test it out on my Series S just for fun too

  2. You just need a good Internet connection that costs you about $100 a month…lmao Me easy no thanks

  3. Great but did they fix the latency. Man it was horrible

  4. The vertical format does not work for this video.

  5. Cloud gaming his hot garbage, don’t let people convince you it is the future.

  6. It just says beta and only allows me to install the game

  7. I have the beta on my console. Do you know if game progression saves or does the game have to be installed?

  8. Cloud gaming is not competitive. There will always be a delay. I have tried many cloud based services from 4 companies and none of them can give you a competitive edge because of LAG and DELAY. It's only good for games that are single player that does not require precision. Also I have a very fast Fober optic connection to my house and usually get a ping of 10 or less in most games.

  9. Super exiting!! Really hope it works better than some of those …other streaming services. 💪

  10. It's a shame it's not all the games now that would be worth it

  11. I don’t have it on my Xbox I forgot what it is called I think it’s a Xbox 1 digital

  12. Bro thank you so much lol… my eyes are blind sometimes. Ty

  13. What game is that top down view robot game ?

  14. With game pass do I need to download every game I wanna play or do I play online. Series s not great memory?

  15. Alright this is a new comment and I was wondering I went on the Xbox app and I'm currently installing black ops 2 I thought it was a game pass game but no label of game pass was present in the store so does that mean I'm preloading the game before I purchase it or are old cod games free due to Microsoft's acquisition of Activision?

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