Nintendo 64 Memories -

Nintendo 64 Memories

Nathaniel Bandy
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So many wonderful memories with the Nintendo 64, here’s a small animation that @Mallerd put together for this video!

Short Edited by: @ComfyCatboy


  1. Im 13 and im only allowed to Play 1hour Not even dayly

  2. I got this game when I was eight or nine years old.

  3. When I was a kid I didn't know you could ground pound so I couldn't get past the whomp boss until I played Mario 64 Ds I had rented once

  4. What’s the name of this video


  6. Bro I was beating lylat wars at three and playing ocarina of time

    Edit: I was born in 2010

  7. The pole is the one where i didn’t use my brain💀

  8. This video is so wholesome, especially the opening

  9. I was limited to half an hour a day, but did I listen? Nah

  10. Dude I play the switch port of that game and I know it’s hard

  11. OK that’s cute Nathaniel. Thanks for the short. I hope you all have a amazing year. God bless you.

  12. I didnt think black people were real until i saw this video

  13. How do you have so many likes and comments!

  14. Guess what you been playing the game wrong you can play on your Android game is called retro 64 games

  15. Unlike me who somehow magically learned the stars on my own

  16. Great animation, great story!! ✌️😙

  17. ꧁✿ Good looks like they were made just for you, (。♥‿♥。) ✧꧂

  18. Thanks for sharing your nostalgic memories with us

  19. Crazy how he ended up becoming a gaming YTer, despite having Karen parents.

  20. I remember getting monster hunter 4 ultimate when i was 10, i got so angry at gypceros's flashbang attack and then my friend just told me "dude just press r while looking at him" turns out the greatsword's block attack blocks almost everything

  21. I feel like it might give STAB to every move

  22. Idk why, but when nathan getting called by his mom gave me goosebumps

  23. Did you say thank you to your old friend

  24. I still play some n64 games with my emulator

  25. Wholesome and animation is just👌👌👌👌

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