NEW! Use This Simple Jailbreak Guide To Hack Your 3DS or 2DS -

NEW! Use This Simple Jailbreak Guide To Hack Your 3DS or 2DS

Blaine Locklair
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Jailbreak your 2DS or 3DS on OFW 11.16 in just minutes with this complete guide.

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3DS Hacks Guide

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Universal Updater

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  1. Great video!! I just bought a new 3ds and it has the seller Nintendo account , would it be an issue if I want to modded it ?

  2. Seed Miner is definitely the easiest and most streamlined method of installing CFW. I just used it on all 3 on the consoles that I've modded.

  3. 18:40 my say failed to mount the SD card! (13) what do i do? i have it on FAT32

  4. i have already modded my device but i love to watch these videos 😁

  5. Already Homebrew'd both my 3DS and my "New" 3DS XL, definitely recommend, heaps of fun.

    Homebre modded my old Wii too, and just got a old OG Xbox to homebrew and hardware mod too for fun

  6. Did the guide change again? This was the one (seedminer) I was familiar with, but when I went to check it said skate style or super skate instead last week. Now it's back to seedminer

  7. What's the left and right click for your virtual pointer? it's very satisfying…

  8. I can’t believe it! It worked!!! Thank you so much for detailed and step by step information.. You video is so simple process. Again, Thank you so much Blaine.. just subscribed!

  9. at 18:36 my 2ds hasent changed itmedietly the bottem screen is just red
    what should i do

  10. Shouldn't you keep the CIA files for when you want to uninstall them?

  11. Help! Okay so I followed the guide and I’ve got to the step where I’m at the 3ds setting and I clicked micro sd card but it says there is no accessible software data instead of the pop-up that shows for your device could I get some help where the problem could be?

  12. Can we still add friends even while the servers down? If so something's up with my 3ds because I cannot connect. I dunno if this method is suitable anymore.

  13. I use Linux Mint on my system, but I believe I'll be able to follow the instructions using the file manager provided by the OS.

  14. Hi, I have a question…How is it possible that in sysnad virtual the essential.exefs file is missing?

  15. It has never been easier to mod your 3ds until now!

  16. I buy a nintendo 3ds in a surplus and i don't know why its not turning on but it's charging and has a blue light but the lcd is has no life, i don't know if it bricked or the lcd is dead can you teach me how to know if it brick or how to fix it

  17. does this work on old 3ds? probably yes, but want to be sure of it..

  18. I find these fascinating even though Iv even modded for years

  19. I am having a nightmare with it. Cannot open the .bin files on my mac, download the unarchiver and win zip and still files wont open. Even borrowed my mother in laws windows laptop and still the .bin files wont open

  20. i just got it working but lost all my data on my sd card got corrupted and I reformated my sd card, what do I do to things that are already downloaded on the 3ds, and do I just follow normally?

  21. 17:51 for some reason the update will actually work and just say that im up to date and just tell me to turn off the system

  22. Ion wan get locked up like o boy doe and owe Nintendo millions 👀

  23. I bought a new 3ds xl but 3ds was already modded because it took me to a scrip menu. When I did the Start, Select, power bottom. Where do I start from then?

  24. Hey Blaine, I just subbed because I plan to mod my 3ds soon. How would I get free games after modding my 3ds? I am able to get free games right? I’m doing this now especially after the Eshop closing. Thanks and hope you see this!

  25. I Get a problem like operation failed (no suitable process found).

  26. MY 3DS just turns off when i try holding start and the power button. I don't believe it's got any custom firmware on it. I haven't tried to hack it since I got it in 2012 lol

  27. Hi! I'm sure I've done all correctly but when I go into data management to active bb3 menu nothing happens. Can you help me, please? If I made some errors, sorry for my English

  28. So i bought a 3ds but I am unable to continue with the tutorial due to not having a friend code, i guess now Nintendo have abandoned the 3ds i cannot get a friend code for myself?

  29. If I already have a hacked 3ds would I be able to transfer it all over to a new 3ds or new 2ds?

  30. Can this work for an original 3DS XL? Or only for the “new” versions?

  31. Hey, idk if you will see this but after putting all the files on the SD card and reinserting it wont read the sd card anymore, it was reading it before so any ideas on what i might have done wrong

  32. I did all the steps and took 3 hours to do only to find out at 18:42 that the sighaxed FIRM says not found. What should I do? do I have to restart everything? if so then im most likely just going to give up

  33. Hey when i try to get the roslina menu it wont pop up im pressing the buttons btw im on the 2011 3ds

  34. How can I insert my Sd card if i have a Pc and not a laptop?

  35. so when i open the the Nintendo 3Ds folder i actually get 3 separate sub folders, 1 that says private, and 2 that have different dates and file sizes so i don't know which one to copy

  36. I do not see essential.exefs PLEASE HELP

  37. hello i yesterday hacked my new 3ds xl im not sure if press backup at 25:34 can i owerite all files again? or i can somehow check if i backup my files ?

  38. Can you do this without removing the SD card

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