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*NEW* Solo Battlegrounds Cards! 49?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Shady reviews the new cards for the solo game mode!
Enjoil the video!

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00:00 Leaving Cards Tier-1
00:31 Leaving Cards Tier-2
00:55 Leaving Cards Tier-3
01:11 Leaving Cards Tier-4
01:40 Leaving Cards Tier-5
02:02 Leaving Cards Tier-6
02:53 NEW CARDS Tier-1
04:05 NEW CARDS Tier-2
07:39 NEW CARDS Tier-3
13:09 NEW CARDS Tier-4
19:56 NEW CARDS Tier-5
24:25 NEW CARDS Tier-6

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  1. Oil memes. Give me more oil memes. Even when there’s no oil. Say there is. Channel your inner America. Oil. Oil. Oil. Oil

  2. thanks for the video, happy birthday!

  3. Really thankful you took time to do this on your birthday!

  4. Losing quests should slow down the meta a bit allowing some of these “slower” feeling comps to possibly feel better. Meta is just so quick right now it’s hard to judge how good new things are gonna be.

  5. I'm keen to know if the minion hoarding hatespawn steals stats from permanently loses the stats when you have the other keep effects during combat permanent. Seems like it should. That would be very interesting.

  6. I just get used to this meta and they go and shake it up again 😂

  7. Happy birthday Shady🎉🎉🎉 also OIL 🛢️🛢️🛢️

  8. Youre my fav BG youtuber by a long shot keep it up

  9. Mark my words, Draconic Deathscale is going to be the best minion of the meta

  10. This video only taught me to play dragons this season 😂

  11. Finally some new cards. I'm not even an BG old school player but this mode got really boring really fast.

  12. comment for the algo. im not buyin into this fake bday shenanigans 🙂

  13. Videos like this are a straight rip of VODs from Twitch so no , it doesnt take you any extra time or shit to make this video , you are just double dipping on your content , thats waht you are doing with like 5 mins of editing . Your viewers arent dumb you know this right?

  14. Seems, dragons will be nerfed before release ^)

  15. wait rampager and crafty aranasi combo maybe good?

  16. You are getting all the Oil for your Birthday!

  17. happy birthday shady! Love your content!

  18. It should be said that the Undead Dragon is an Undead too, so it’s gonna benefit a ton from Undead attack synergy and stuff like KT.

  19. I appreciate the video. It's nice to talk about the cards leaving versus the incoming.

    Plus you didn't take an hour to discuss the new cards. Which is always nice.

  20. Happy Birthday Shady, thanks for the video

  21. damn what an entertaining recap. great info as well. thanks!

  22. Grease bot out but i havent seen grease bot in any game ive played lately lol

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