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“New Tencent Games for Android/iOS – Undawn Gameplay! Undawn Mobile Gameplay (Undawn Release Date) Undawn Game Download – Undawn APK Android/iOS – Undawn vs LifeAfter (Dawn Awakening Gameplay) New Mobile Games 2023/New Mobile Games Coming Soon! New Mobile FPS Games”


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Hey everyone! I’m ExxotikGaming – hope you’re all having a great day! In today’s video, I’m super excited to show you a new and upcoming Tencent game that’s coming in a few days: Dawn Awakening, or as it’s better known outside of China – Undawn! Undawn is an open-world apocalyptic survival game for iOS and Android devices, and it looks like it’ll be the best mobile survival game ever – even better than LifeAfter! Does this game have what it takes to be among the greats of 2023, like Warzone Mobile, Arena Breakout and Rainbow Six Mobile? I guess we’ll find out in a few days!

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  1. Wanna watch interesting mobile gameplay if yes then u are in a right place 😁 i have so many interesting game and sorry I am self promoting but I m not getting views 🙂

  2. Fading city is much better compared to both undawn and lifeafter.

  3. Undawn is gonna destroy life after if ONLY IT WAS F2P not like LA who has more money buy the strongest gun 🙂

  4. Once human, Undawn, and fading city

    Which one is better and worth playing for the long term ?


  5. Wow the gaming industry has been taking the mobile market serious recently

  6. Yeah bro I excited for this game I didn't know about this game I think that game is going good

  7. KEJIRYURA The Lazy Cringy Poor Noob Gamer says:

    Here in Asia server, we shoot everything, so the story you are telling us is just a fantasy to asia servers. It's good story, wish we have that kind of gameplay 😊

  8. bro so many people been waiting this game for like 3 years now..and im one of them..ive played lifeafter and been waiting undawn forever

  9. I think studios like tencent or netEase cant create a successful game on their own And it also has many bugs or dry gameplay

  10. LifeAfter from Survival Zombies game to Halloween party game 😂😂😂
    Just typical Chinese game ruined game aesthetic after few season.

  11. Yo bro i found a game which is currently in development and has great potential this game is coming for both mobile and steam and i think this game maybe the new generation of gaming
    Its an open world zombie game like DAYZ n has great potential and i think the developers just need some support? (The developers are a small team)

  12. They should place proximity chat. It would be so much fun finding people,making friends, like max group to form is 6 house get together.

  13. I heard about this game tasting about 3 years ago now still tasting

  14. I can't play that game because I am in India

  15. I think life after is better than undawn
    What is yours opinion

  16. Bro tencent is a chines compony and it looks thro ur photos so becakly its spy wer

  17. Can you please give your opinion on some Indian game like wex mobile
    Indus battle royale
    And an open world game
    Name Mayanagri please

  18. i wait since 2020 and non game have been realeas like lifeafter

  19. Used to watch u as a kid glad to see ur still uploading

  20. Hitori no shita is all I need from tencent

  21. Hey 👋 . Please make a video about carxstreet. That game have great graphics and it deserves more support

  22. Nahh sorry tencent Unlike this game i will skip this and waiting for other game the name is the Lost city the graphc of that game is really Amazing 😌

  23. Exotic hold up for a moment your forgetting one game from NetEase, I love Tencent more than NetEase but you gotta look at Once Human by NetEase is a pc/mobile game

  24. Exxotik I have a question. I sometimes make yt vids but my phone just can’t keep up anymore with so much competition and data usage needed. Do you have any/could you make a video about recommended gaming phones that you personally recommend? Especially budgeted ones because I’m still in high school and don’t want to spend a fortune 😅

  25. Is it just me or does parts of the teaser remind you of the pubg map (the bridge) and the weapons (I thought I heard the m416 during one of the scenes)

  26. I comment to much 😭 😂 but this reminds me of Vigor

  27. Tencent steal users date from all over the world and give that to Chinese government.. 😒

  28. Super Cars like Lamborghini ,Shiny gun skins and kpop dress in zombie apocalypse game? Am I too mature or the game is sucks?

  29. here in Brazil we are waiting anxiously for the launch

  30. A next gen game by Tencent is in Global CBT. It's called ARENA BREAK OUT.

  31. the last time I watched you was when you played pixel gun you were my childhood man I wish I could go back in time and relive that era 😕😔 wish you the best 🙏

  32. Exotic didn't notice that the car was convertible 😭😭😭

  33. If its a game by tencent, it's worth tencents.

    Tencent games are all pubgm remix

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