MW3 in 2022 is AMAZING.. -

MW3 in 2022 is AMAZING..

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This is MW3 in 2022.. Enjoy!

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a 2011 first-person shooter video game, jointly developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. The game was released worldwide in November 2011 for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

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  1. Does anybody play this still i haven’t played this since I was a kid and I wanna get back on if the games still alive

  2. Bro, I've been waiting for a lobby for over an hour, servers down?

  3. Best dezoh vid in history!!!❤️🔥🔥love this guyyy!! And I'm from your Twitch ❤️

  4. Mw3 is my favorite cod, I was grinding soooo much back in these days, learned every spawn on every map hahah. Oh man I miss this! Please more mw3❤️

  5. I’m a simple man I see dezoh upload I like I comment

  6. Did u hop on bo2 last night cause I think u join my game

  7. Vids like this make me wanna jump back on console and play

  8. The moment you hit that fallen slide thank god lol

  9. My favorite moment was the moment that was my favorite moment and at that moment I knew it was my favorite moment 🙂

  10. Genuinely think we could make an AI generating the voice-over with how your voice inflections are so consistent

  11. love this montage dude♥ i've subbed, keep it up!

  12. love the vid mate definitely need to do mw3 more

  13. was there live on twitch. Was so much fun 🙂 keep going ur legend <3

  14. W vid brooo, glad I could be apart of the vid and the stream!!!

  15. This was the first game I played online. Would love to see console servers pick back up. Depressing to see games die

  16. i wish i could’ve played longer but holy fuck reaper was pissing me off with the damn rpg

  17. Why can’t I play game
    I wanna play my favorite game since I was a kid

  18. I've been loving the MW3 recently, this games lowkey underrated for FFA

  19. I usually play infected can’t find ffa lobbies

  20. That hitmarker at the end would of pissed me off

  21. Anybody else thinks dezohs outro song be wack asf

  22. Was it everyone in your stream that made the game lit? Or is it actually playable?

  23. Mw3 best cod out of map trickshotting and sniping yes please

  24. Fam this brings me back I remember playing with on the wii 💯💯👍

  25. I Hit one of my best MW3 shots yesterday. But im fucking retarded and got only killcam recorded 😂

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