Move COD MW to Another Drive (NO DOWNLOAD)! Move Games Without Download! -

Move COD MW to Another Drive (NO DOWNLOAD)! Move Games Without Download!

Scoby Tech
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Hey, guys, my name is Scoby Tech and in today’s video, I am going to be showing you how to move Call of Duty Modern warfare from one drive to another!

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Computer Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 3700x
GPU: AMD 5700xt Gigabyte Reference
Ram : 32gb 3200mhz
SSD: 1tb nvme M.2
HDD: 2tb Seagate Barracuda
PSU: Corsair 1000w PSU


– Acer ED347CKR:
– Amazon DE:
– Drevo Tyrfing V2
– Razer Deathadder RGB Elite
– Berdynamic DT770
– Beyerdynamic TG-X 60


– 2 1080p standard monitors
– Razer Blackwidow Chroma
– Razer Deathadder 2013
– Beyerdynamic DT 770
– Beyerdynamic TG-X 60


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  1. Thank you so much the game has grown to over 200 gigs and I would be so angry to reinstall that much

  2. My 250 gigs ssd was pretty much full because of warzone, crazy

  3. i tried to put call of duty into the folder and dragged and dropped but it did not work

  4. Thanks for the vid – super helpful. I have COD MW and all its components (warzone, multiplayer, spec ops, campaign) on my hard drive but I want to move warzone (but only warzone) onto my SSD. Do you know of a way to do that? Thanks so much

  5. I do the same with warzone … always copying stuck at file data.013 in my pc and my brother's and my friend's same problem

  6. I just got my first M.2 SSD, thank you for this video!

  7. Bro thank you I’ve watch so many videos but this is the only one that makes it this easy

  8. needed this for the latest update after the drive i had it on maxed out thanks boss

  9. if I do this on a new hard drive will it let me play warzone??
    as I'm permanent banned???

  10. Can I do this even if my battle net is installed in c drive.. Please reply!

  11. beware nothing works if you get the scanning loop.

  12. You Sir, are a goddamn legend. Thank you. I hope you have a great life. Again, thank you so much.

  13. Does this work for WARZONE too??

  14. COD with 220 GB of files now: "I have evolved"

  15. Thanks you helped me saved a lot of my time

  16. Followed the instructions but the battle net game directory doesnt change even after i select the new folder on the other drive. I even deleted the orginal folder on my sdd but the 200 gigs didnt dissapear??

  17. Guys he's 100% legit I tried this method and it works 100%%%%, Thank you so much bro!!

  18. I just want to use warzone on ssd and modern warfare on hdd, but no tutorials for this and i think there's no way i can do this..

  19. I am commenting from the distant future and the next Call of Duty is 700 TB

  20. I’ve never felt so stupid in my life I didn’t even understand what you were doing but I think I got it not to sure tho

  21. Quick Question can I delete it from the previous location after the copy and the change is done?

  22. If i already have the game installed and i wanted to move it to another drive. Would it cause any issues or reset any of my game settings?

  23. i got shocked when it got downloaded in ssd slot

  24. Um someone copyrighted your video.

  25. so i can delete the other cod that i have in my main storage right? Since i moved it to my hard drive or?

  26. why do the people with low amounts of subs has the best tech tutorials on yt?

  27. Hey, I did this recently switched from 1TB SSD to a 2TB SSD. Had to do a brief update, but now the game when its about to open says, "The game didn't close properly etc" and if i want safemode?. I have tried both safe and non safe, but crashes before I even hit the splash screen. I also have scanned/updated a couple of times, both needing around 800mb download, but still doesn't start. Have you encountered this at all?

    Side note, the CoD Cold War, which I did also, works no issues

  28. So I logged out of my main and then logged into my second one can I still do the transfer of the games I bought to another folder and then select the folder that the game is in on my new account and be able to play them?

  29. Super useful. I was able to move all my CoD games to a NVME drive. Thanks!

  30. Thank you. Now I will transfer it to d drive

  31. Thanks for this! Just got an ssd and this helped me alot!

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