Most Played MMORPGs in 2023 | MMOs People Actually Play -

Most Played MMORPGs in 2023 | MMOs People Actually Play

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These are the 14 most played MMORPGs in 2023, sorted by active players, and platforms.
Every Major Upcoming MMORPG Release in 2023-2024+ we Know of:
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MMOs are fun to play with other people. Which means players tend to gravitate towards games with more active players. It makes sense. Nobody wants to play with themselves-by themselves.
So let’s sit down, together, and discuss the most populated MMORPGs currently, in 2023. This list is sorted by active players, features MMOs above 100,000 monthly players, and includes games across numerous platforms.

MMOs included in this video:
00:00 The Most Played MMOs in 2023
00:48 Tower of Failtasy
01:17 The Elder Scrolls Online
01:56 Odin: Valhalla Rising
02:50 Lost Ark
03:18 Gran Saga
03:59 Black Desert Online
04:45 RuneScape
05:07 Black Desert Mobile
05:45 Guild Wars 2
06:24 Lineage 2M
07:04 Albion Online
07:29 Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV?
08:03 Diablo Immoral
09:04 World of Warcraft

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  1. i don't care what you say but lineage 2 private servers still popular.

  2. What is the name of the game, seen during the beginning of this video?

  3. Recently got into BDO, have to say im surprised how fun and addicting it is. Should have tried it along time ago

  4. The MMO I play most these days is Black Desert Online. I'm surprised you mentioned the PvP and action combat but not the whole Life Skill system. The thing that sets it apart the most is that it's not another game trying to be Everquest or WoW, so even where they are similar they are different.

  5. No maplestory? pretty sure its still up there on the player charts I could be wrong though.

  6. ive played wow for so long, that im constantly looking for a new game to play. playing new world at this time, which has its downs, could not get into guild wars to because the amount of quests i got and did not even know where to go.Trying aion at this time and phantasy star. cant get into any of these like i do with WoW.

  7. This list made me very happy because I just started GW2 and was wondering about the player count to make sure I wasnt going to invest time into a dying game and from everything I found and this video, the game is very healthy. Thanks for this upload sir.

  8. Think the only true MMO I play that's not listed here is LOTRO, and Warframe, but that's not really a true MMO

  9. ESO released in 2024? You need better editors.

  10. yo no insider news about BnS NEO classic??? looks like a dream coming true. very excited to get let down again by ncsoft, I just hope there is less greed this time.

  11. loved the timestamps and banners on every game presentation

  12. These numbers seem incorrect however are vaguely in the ballpark, it wouldn't hurt to include a source even if it was a speculation piece/article from a news group, especially for the WoW numbers.

  13. I want play Throne and liberty 🥲💔!!!!!

  14. New World and PSO2 NGS are the only 2 I play.

  15. what is the best upcoming mmorpg game? can you have a video about it?

  16. Currently playing FF14 and ESO. Both games greatly respect player's time, great endgame and story content, and content drought rarely happens, if at all.

  17. Lost Ark does NOT look like the content shown. It's a 3rd person overview ala Diablo for the most part and so very tightly pathed and scripted that you have very little control of your character's story events or choices beyond which button to mash in combat in the right order…

  18. I play PSO2 NGS more than Black Desert Online even though Black Desert Online is a great MMO.

  19. The intro kills me D: Duet waifus are amazing❤.. well.. the game looks really nice tbh xD, can't wait for it!

  20. I'd rather see it sorted by region at this point… because you want to play with other players you can TALK to.

  21. The only MMO I still play is LOTRO otherwise it's mostly single player for me. Nothing new in the space has interested me since I tried Lost Ark for a few months and I don't see any on the horizon I'm likely to try. I'm glad to see the genre is still doing ok at the high end though. Enjoy your games whatever they are 🙂

  22. What do you mean I always play with myself

  23. Lost Ark – 200k to 300k log in each day with an average of 200k to 300k being bots.

  24. Where did you 100k players online stat on lostark btw?

  25. Tower of Fantasy could've been my top game if not for the Gacha system. Well, I have an issue with gacha games, but an anime type game with many waifus is my type

  26. god i wish you actually played the games you try to show off… Literally choosing the worse scenes from those games and presenting them… I used to think you work hard, but turns out you work lazy.

  27. Nuuuuu! How can FF drop?! it aint real! ok, back to playing with – – self… xD

  28. I play a little GW2 casually and just picked up SoD.

  29. How can you make this video and not include NEW WORLD?? You’re actually trolling 😂

  30. is gran saga good? anyone who plays have reviews?

  31. Currently playing Asheron's Call on a private server. AC is where I began MMO's and it's good to be back. Played WoW for many years and mixed in Aon, New World and others.

  32. I think he meant ESO came out in 2014 and not 2024 lol

  33. And my impression having played all of these MMOs is "meh" for all of them.

  34. What's that game shown there at the beginning?

  35. auto play, pay to win, generic dog shit. I'm tired of this shit

  36. Well actually, the Elder Scrolls Online was released 2014 not 2024 xD

  37. what's the game name from the start of the video?

  38. I stopped liking BDO because it's an absolute slog to level up without being carried by high level players. The gear upgrading system is absolutely horrible too. You can level up all you want but if you can't upgrade your gear, you're never going to be strong enough.

  39. Lot of games here aren't mmorpg's… A true mmorpg is like Everquest, ESO, FF14, WoW (lost the sould of mmo) The futur ones will be Ashes Of Creation and maybe Pax Dei… and a look on Quin Fall.

  40. i dunno about today's MMO, but back in my high school days, Lineage was the MMO with the most monetary currencies (for buying, not trading). and what i hate about today's MMO is the politics system. back then, you only get to login, play, hunt together, fish together, etc.. now, there's a sovereign system and you guessed it, whales are always kings.

  41. Blade and Soul? Also announced Neo classic coming soon, still being updated and still out there and could be considered in the most played list, it has great action combat, smooth movement dungeons with some great fashion pieces to chase – Keep it alive.. We already lost Tera and Swords of Legends, there is not much left than could be considered alike..

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