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New to the game? Don’t worry, I will be uploading a beginner guide to help you get started. And if you’re looking to get an edge in the game, I will be uploading a tips and tricks video to help you level up quickly, as well as a reroll guide to help you restart your account for better character pulls.
Looking for a tier list? I’ve got you covered with an upcoming tier list of the most powerful characters in the game. Want to master a certain character? I will work on some guides and tutorials that will provide tips and tricks for each character, as well as how to clear tough bosses.
Stay tuned for my first impressions of the game, and semi review video. Don’t forget that this game has gift codes which is the coupon code type system for the free in-game currency known as crystals.

Finally, if you’re looking for ways to get more gems to summon new characters, I will upload guides on how to get free currency fast. So what are you waiting for? Download MHA Ultra Rumble soon and start battling with your favorite characters! Some of the most popular characters in the game include Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki All Might, Urarak, Shigaraki, Cementoss, Mt. Lady, Mr. Compress, Toga, Dabi, Kendo, Asui, Ida, Kaminari and more!

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  1. I fought a hacker on console who could run while downed he climbed buildings and around half of the new map while being downed and he stood up right away after being downed again he later let us win it was a denki player

  2. As for aim assist. I see both view points and in my opinion they should add a aim assist slider. Perhaps season 3 would be about 30% while season 1,2, and 4 is 100%. I say this because the auto lockon is actually a detriment in some senerios and thats why i liked season 3 aim assist. Because every projectile has bullet travel time its hard to hit an opponent who is moving side to side because the lock on is so much. Id be happy if i was able to choose between season 3 and 4 aim assist imo.

  3. The gacha system wouldn’t be so terrible if getting tickets weren’t so scarce.

  4. I would legit be fine with seeing ads in the game like brawlhalla if they made unlocking characters easier.

  5. Little amount of aim assist tf😂the game aiming for u is crazy. No other br aim assist is this strong. For example apex legends aim assist is only really noticeable up close and its still not this strong. Any shooter for that matter😭 this game is easy as is thats y making even easier is crazy.

  6. All I get from gatcha is emotes and voices it sucks fix your game biking

  7. can they just add cross platform this game is so dead

  8. Tickets should be for skins and charge characters for 7.99-9.99 USD

  9. There's still bugs in the game. Once you try to level up or try to get a card you can't and it might take a few minutes to work. Also when I try to use Momo's cannons they explode but eventually work until a few minutes. Yesterday I was literally in front of a Shoto trying to hit him with my Alpha and it kept going through him.🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. For reals if they made the gacha more forgiving or allow skins unlocking through coins
    And to attain tickets are now a sweat

  11. The fact that they took the aim assist out is just maddening. It is literally the only way to stop movement characters😢.

  12. I have 900 tickets so I’m going to use 500 on afo and the rest for bakugo

  13. Yeah, the Gacha system definitely ruins the game because when I used 600 tickets on twice and didn’t get them, I was about to quit. A lot of people did quit after doing pulls like that.

  14. 600 tickets and I only got emotes I’m getting tired of this game I play it all the time cause I love it and people who I put on the game get charters before me

  15. The gacha is definitely holding it back. Starting to see little point in wasting time playing when there's little to no chance of getting anything & zero chance at pity.

  16. its honestly so disappointing that this game could be big if they added crossplay AND removed the gacha system ill glady grind for characters/quirk skills and pay for skins but not only is this gacha system ungrindable but also predatory money wise a single multi is like $15 bucks and u arent even guaranteed anything good like what??? not to mention the battle pass is also shit the battle pass should give 4 summons at least for even 3 summons why are they giving 150?? this is honestly be the games downfall

  17. The funniest thing is that to utilize a quirk skill set is more difficult then a new character, there is no rental tickets and no character unlock ticket either for the skill sets, and with the rate they are popping out it seems the release for each will be back to back and will have little room for their unlockings. Goofy half of new assets is harder then new moves

  18. The anime doesn’t air in the US until May 4th so that could be as of why they didn’t mention it yet.

  19. As a Todoroki Main, I had aim assist off for a while… and I noticed the difference in Other’s receiving help this season due to aim assist. I do not like it I rather people get in the Lab like I did and get better. And the Shigarki Abuse makes me wanna stop playing for a while ngl

  20. Rank mode ah yes my nemesis, screw Ranked I just want to get to gold at least once for a personal achievement to say "hey I did it". With Aim assist now all the Endeavors came out to play.

  21. Actually, at first when that aim assist was gone, I actually started to aim better and my A skill hit that opponent like 90 percent of that time I wish they take aim assist out of the game again.

  22. I agree the gacha is sooooo bad for a game like this. nothing less hype than saving up for something you want, failing to roll it, and then not even being able to enjoy the cool new stuff that's released. this is especially bad for the quirk sets since you cant even rent them so theres literally no way to use them against people unless you roll it

    sure you can pity for one or two things… but can you pity for everything without emptying your bank account? and that's the problem

    all they would have to do is constantly add new characters to the special license and then release the skins in a shop similar to fortnite and boom, huge success. the game itself is extremely fun so they nailed that but the gambling/ grinding aspect to it is horrible

  23. If only cursed clash wasnt made by byking mhur could do a little better

  24. There is a reason to grind rank you can get up to 50 tickets at the start of a new season or more im more annoyed that they fixed aim assets because i swear i can't hit shots anymore aim assets don't help me

  25. They need to change this gild system y have 500 k gold and can't get anything good

  26. I think they added quirk skill sets (variations of the same characters) wayy too early. I want Mirko in the game badly but she’s never gonna get here before it dies. They could’ve been adding 2 characters per season instead of these skill sets imo, that’s what I would prefer.

  27. They need gyro on console, would be so clutch

  28. The gacha system isn't changing. I'm sick of people asking for it. It's very clearly designed to give FtP players around half of the content, and give whales the rest. There's only one value bundle that makes a ten roll 5 bucks, but on average they're asking like 12 bucks for a ten roll, which is nuts.

  29. Aim assist makes it too hard for me to lead shots when they are on the ground running. But also helps almost too much when I'm shooting someone out of the sky.

  30. Crossplay…. We NEED crossplay. Like I get there’s issues with auto aim they need to solve first but my god the player base is so small on every platform it won’t survive without crossplay.

  31. 2:38 you get 100 tickets for amateur and pro

  32. The aim assist has always been fine if your good you hit your shots plain and simple

  33. Spent 9,000 roll tickets and exchange it and

  34. i turned my aim assist off i got so use to season 3 aim assist messed me up lol i do not like the current aim assist thanks to endeavor he hurts basically with the aim assist jump shotting doesnt work to well anymore you can do it but dodging till a good time seems to be the best for this season unless its endeavor you cannot dodge him you must take cover

  35. Yea, i think people need to just learn to aim bruh. My ranked buddies and I have never had an issue shooting rapids out of the sky or when they hit the ground for just a sec. If it's seriously too difficult, then maybe try a game that you don't have to aim

  36. Yo gogo,can you make a skill set speculation video?,like talk about characters who need a new skill kit and what the kit could be?,it just sounds so interesting to talk about

  37. Nah imm be honest those ranked tickets got me shigaraki, i hope they keep doing it, clutch asl😂

  38. why does it say premium log in bonus but its locked?? does that mean it’s eventually gonna unlock? or has it been like that since they removed it

  39. am i the only one who would LOVE tokoyami in this game 😢

  40. My cousin stopped playing because all he was getting was skins and no new characters

  41. I got almost 400 roll tickets for my rank across everything if u don’t want to spend money to roll I think it’s good incentive

  42. I have the gane installed but stopped playing when they took out bonus login, I'll just retun once they release Vigilante Deku then just get back off

  43. They shouldve added more characters to the special license instead of reducing the character tickets you need to play it for free every new character, they should just add them to the special license

  44. They should just make it that the points carry over bc 14 days is for sure not enough time to guarantee a character as a F2P also u shouldn’t be able to get skins for characters don’t own💀

  45. Bro I used about 10 multis and didn't get deku new quirk skill , I so far spend 4 multi and didn't get shigi mind you when momo and kirishima was in the gotcha I didn't get them either . The Gotcha system need to go or they need to add a way to make way more tickets .

  46. For all you Tenya players, you’re garbage.

  47. i wish they made a special ticket called quirkset tickets where after getting 10 quirkset tickets you can roll with it in the quirkset banner and it gives you one of the current quirksets active. these special tickets should be given after ranked matches with a small chance so that it can't be easier to get. maybe give us 1 quirkset tickets after one leage rank up (from ameutar to pro, pro to ace, yk the gyst)

  48. This game is so fun to play but the Devs are just Sigh… This game needs so many fixes.

  49. The movement is a problem again everyone that can't move can keep up with the one's that are the fastest and or can fly in the series. Idia got nuffed already, everyone smacks him down up close if the biggest complaint is he can fly away don't cry by the end he is useless now.

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