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Melanie Martinez – K-12 (The Film)

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  1. “You start in the womb and you end in the tomb” Melanie Martinez

  2. Started listening to her when I was eight, at ten I had my gay awakening because of her which turned into me being Pan! I’m twelve now.

  3. she has beautiful music and such, like is class fight the line "I want to be in her shoes for one day" or something along that line is what I mean-

  4. Why did they remove Russian subtitles?

  5. Melanie is a genius and she deserves way more.

  6. The dresses are the same in teachers pet

  7. i’m so confused about the ending. why did crybaby look so worried/scared?

  8. My cousin showed me this movie
    And I didn't like it
    So after that
    I started looking cut Melanie Martinez more and more
    That's when I heard her song soap
    And I really liked it
    I started to get into our music
    And that's when I watch the whole entire k-12
    And now I love this movie to death ☠️
    I can't wait for her next one

  9. honestly, melanie makes her songs so relatable and i like that abt her music career ❤❤

  10. she did not just leave us on a cliff hanger….


  11. As a transgender person, I am happy that transgender teacher(MS. Parker) stoodup for her self. Another day, another slay.

  12. Ok but Melanie’s hair is soooo AMAZING!

  13. Omg I always watch this it always impressed me

  14. not gonna lie but this is my 14 time watching this AND ITS SOOOOOO GODD i love all of the songs but my most fav one is highschool sweet hearts.

  15. Is it just me but did anyone else notice how many times she changed her hair style?

  16. In this film, there are so many musical things, and eğer yine are perfect! Thank you Melanie Martinez!

  17. Does anyone notice the angels song at the beginning
    tell me whyyy
    was I born to cryyyyy

  18. I can’t I love this movie and Melani you are so pretty and cute 🥰

  19. who else thought is was a normal music video but then saw how long it was-

  20. One of the greatest films I have ever watch. Doesn't matter how many times I watch this, it still is spectacular. BUT THE ENDING ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL LIKE "Wait?! THAT'S IT?! WHAT HAPPENS?! WHAT DOES SHE CHOOSE?!?!?!"

  21. Why does she have to brush that damn wig bruh

  22. I love YOU MELANIE MARTINEZ so much I like your videos

  23. Did no one else realize that the principal's son had a camera for the girl's bathroom?!😨😣😖

  24. 'crybaby': literally choking someone
    Angelita: THATS MY GIRL

  25. I heard there's a second one coming out, I can't wait!

  26. can we just appreciate how we're getting to see this masterpiece for free??

  27. I’m not saying this isn’t a fantastic work of art, but just a tip, the movie is a lot better if you speed it up in settings. The music seems a lot more catchy and the scenes are surreal.

  28. Can anyone explain to me why Leo (principal's son) saved Crybaby?
    I'm confused…

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