MDB fails to understand MyFaction, downloads a bunch of community creations, then plays WWE 2K24! -

MDB fails to understand MyFaction, downloads a bunch of community creations, then plays WWE 2K24!

Mah-Dry-Bread – Gameplay & Streams!
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  1. As expected, the video instantly got like 8 different ID claims from WWE and Def Rebel for their awful music. 100% of the ad revenue for this video just goes to WWE.If you wanna support the show then Patreon, Super Thanks, and all that stuff is always appreciated!

  2. I see sk8ter N8's wrestling style is infectious.

  3. Dang 2 years behind on wrestling. You might want to sit down cause I have something to tell you about CM Punk😅😅😅

  4. Unironically you going through custom creations was the best part of this. That shit is just to funny.

  5. But, what fossil did you take??

    Also go watch the famous Nancy Drew let’s play!

  6. Sucks that you didn’t watch WWE the last 2 years. It‘s been amazing since HHH took over.

  7. Did you ever find out what the myfaction thing is? Still confused about that…..

  8. means a lot to me specifically that you’re doing wwe games again

  9. I'd LOVE to see you do the MyRise story. Lets see whatcha got MDB!

  10. goku should have a mexico sign not a usa sign

  11. lmfao 'gotta get spongebob and the incredibly hulk'

    wrestling is the only medium I've found where I would legit want to see this fight. I wonder who is the heel in the matchup!

  12. God, that card game felt way more like a no budget "we'll use these people's likenesses without asking permission because it's not likely that we'll ever be worth suing" mobile game shovelware than a AAA game.

  13. AAAAA please finish the konung gameplay, i just bingewatched it and realized there's no ending ;( i know it's a pain to record but 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 namaste

  14. 47:12 the whole Benoit situation is such a tragedy. I do a podcast with a friend where we're going through WWE and WCW content from the start of Monday Night Raw, so we've seen WCW Benoit, and we can't just not talk about him, so we try to focus just on his wrestling. Which is in fact amazing.

  15. Interestingly enough, You can do a 30 man gauntlet turmoil match. Basically what that is is it’s like a royal rumble, but instead of throwing over the top rope to get eliminated, you have to pin/submit to get eliminated. I did a 30 women gauntlet match, started at 1 and ended up winning. Was on normal difficulty. Not on hard or legend difficulty yet. Will eventually do harder difficulties.

  16. I stg I mumbled to myself "Homer" when you were wondering who to download and 3 seconds later you got there

  17. If I recall correctly, rubies and emeralds are sapphires, they're just different colours(red and green in this case, there are other colours as well)

  18. Robocop showing up to save Sting was a major WTF!? moment. lol. It was fun though, and that's really all that matters.

  19. I want to get into wrestling games. I used to play them on PS1 I think. But they're so tactical and I'm just a button masher 😂

  20. I have never played a wrestling game in my life. After I started watching you a few years ago, I tried getting into it and watch it off and on every now and then. Yet somehow this video makes me feel as if I've been watching it my entire life. The custom characters are one of the best features in any game and unironically is making me consider picking it up, or at least one of the older games if they have the same features but cheaper

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