Marvel's Spider-man: Miles Morales (The Movie) -

Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales (The Movie)

Andy Gilleand
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Miles Morales just got his powers. Will he be able to handle the responsibility needed to be Spider-man? This is a movie edit of the PS5 game of the same name. This video will look best in HDR, but I’ve created a custom SDR color grade so that it looks great on any display.

If you’re unfamiliar with my work, I take the stories of video games and edit them into movies. I started doing this because I knew many people who were missing out on great stories by not playing these games, so I wanted to be able to present the games in a format that they could enjoy. On top of that I wanted to make an experience that anybody could enjoy, whether they play games or not. For those who don’t play video games or haven’t played this game, they’re experiencing a new story, but for those who HAVE played the game, they can still get something out of it as well, as it condenses the story into a smaller format that’s more viewable in a single setting, rather than breaking it up into multiple play sessions. This allows the full story to remain much more freshly in your memory by the time you get to the end than it might have been while playing the game. It also focuses entirely on the story, so you don’t get distracted by side content either.

On many of my other videos, I also often go the extra mile and work on removing HUD elements from the screen using VFX. While there were a few spots where this was possible in Miles Morales, unfortunately there’s just so much going on that I wasn’t able to do much of that, but the gameplay is exciting enough that this shouldn’t be too much of a distraction, however I mention this in case you might be interested in any of my other movies, which in many cases have absolutely no HUD remaining in the final product, giving the viewer something that feels much less like a game and more like a movie. However, I still focus on making sure I only include the gameplay that is necessary to tell the story, while focusing on pacing and making sure my editing doesn’t go so far to create plot holes.

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And as always, if you like the movie, consider buying the game if you can to help out the developers.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:21:34 – New York’s Only Spider-man
0:39:52 – The Underground
1:12:47 – The Aftermath
1:38:22 – The Plan
2:12:25 – Family
2:44:30 – Battle for Harlem
3:21:52 – Epilogue & Credits

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  1. Could I use this footage for a Spider-Man trailer I’m working on? And would it be ok to continue using your PlayStation exclusive footage I’ll credit you each time I’ll use it

  2. The Spider-Man miles morales trailer is now uploaded thank you for allowing me to use your footage

  3. This is not a movie this is soidrler man pc game

  4. Phin throughout this entire game really got on my nerves I understand that she's grieving but still.

  5. Its so good i thought it was a movie😂😂till i remembered its a game

  6. I Really hope that if/when this game comes to PC that modders will be able to give us the PS4 Peter Parker face lol

  7. dang miles "speaks" 3 languages? i thought it was just 2.

  8. how stupid is this scunthorpe?
    she needs to get the "gwen stacy" treatment.

  9. pete: yea just landed in urope oh MJ needs me/michael jordan

  10. Why when you fight you always jump to fight😡😡

  11. Tbh it would be cool if you had look at peter while he’s getting beat while fighting the prisoners.

  12. Marvel-S Spider-Man Miles Morales The Movie In Theaters Friday December 30th

  13. I love this movie, feels like the actual one it's really the best playstation video game movies I ever watched ❤️🤘🤞

  14. Wished you can wait for the PC release so you can publish this without HUD making it a real movie experience…nonetheless, still a nice video ^ ^

  15. Just wanted to say that the storylines in this game live in my head rent free as a result of this video and the soundtrack. Once again, I appreciate you doing this.

  16. Marvel-s Spider-Man Miles Morales The Movie In Theaters This Friday

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  18. That jacket and the fade tho Miles. Bro looking too crispy

  19. I wish I had spiderman miles morales spider man 😢 edit 1:I think I know you from somewhere Andy I just don't know where?

  20. Can you upload the Spiderman far from home pls

  21. I just say wow, hey doode I have a question, how do you create subtitles in every language because I'm persian and when click in this video, the title,explanations,subtitle and … changed into persian.😳 how?.Can you teach me please?

  22. Doode how do you extrac game audios and then create subtitle please teach me?

  23. hum i don't know what to think of this character, it feels wrong having 2 of them

  24. When u wanted to become spider man so I go closer to spider and it bit me and i git sick

  25. My mom promised that she will buy me PS5 in 2024

  26. Spiderman PS 5 spiderman carakter animasi herumurti adam ok

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