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In this video i’m showing you how to make your own game without downloads etc!

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  3. ok if some one know how to create and really game like roblox and tdp4 tell me i want to be owner to

  4. Wow the website is no called obba You can't make them anymore…

  5. not working…do another personalize game site

  6. that's pretty cool. best cute funny game ever xD

  7. Playing computer games is a lot of fun and I play them too. Making drawings on a computer is also great fun, especially making solid models. If you are interested visit for details.

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that troll face is awesome and cool

  9. it is a hack on my computer it says that hackers are trying to steal my ident

  10. Hey i have a question… What is your video editing software?? What do you use… I use WIndows Media whatever but i can't upload onto youtube 🙁

  11. if you want to create a good game download unity 5 or unreal engine 4

  12. People this is just stupid. The Dislike Button works. The un Subscribe button works oh and the mean comments work. 😉

  13. why was it asking for so much things? I think it may try and hack you people say to use:unity or however you spell it but unity is kinda confusing still try it though

  14. Thats not realy a tutorial how to make a game … i think i would be better to call that … CLICKBAITING
    cause a real game is much more work … did you ever seen a quellcode from a little game ? We take snake … the quellcode for the game snake has something like 800-900 words.
    Thats a real game

  15. Nice click bait video 😀 Im gonna report you 😀 And DISLIKE 😀

  16. this is an insult to hours of me working late nights trying to make games

  17. Ok guys, please don't be stupid. If you really want to make a simple game easy in just 5 minutes then that's it!

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