Linus Invites Us Into His Tent! #shorts #Linus #tent #sdv #stardewvalley #gaming #stardew #funny -

Linus Invites Us Into His Tent! #shorts #Linus #tent #sdv #stardewvalley #gaming #stardew #funny

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I always knew this day would come! I never expected it to be done so quickly tho!

After a long hiatus …. We are finally back! Of course we had to kick it off with Stardew! Lets plow some fields and hoe some crops and become to most famous farmer of all time!

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  1. If you see an old man with a beard like that he's 100% musclegut and big down there

  2. My wife and I got a kick out of this scene too. LoL "Come inside" indeed. 🙂

  3. 😭 the things you said were so unnecessary but so funny at the same time 😂🤚

  4. Linus is clapping cheeks in that tent, no cap.

  5. i love watching people experience this sence for the first time. my bf did recently on our co-op game and he didn’t know how to feel after

  6. concerned ape knew exactly what they were doing 🤣

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