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Learn Python by Building Five Games – Full Course

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Learn Python in this full tutorial course for beginners. This course takes a project-based approach. We have collected five great Python game tutorials together so you can learn Python while building five games. If you learn best by doing, this is the course for you.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️

⌨️ (0:01:18) Pong
🔈 Sound file:
💻 Code:
🔗 Tutorial from Christian Thompson. Channel:

⌨️ (0:45:36) Snake
💻 Code:
🔗 Tutorial from Tech with Tim. Channel:

⌨️ (1:34:57) Connect Four
💻 Code:
🔗 Tutorial from Keith Galli. Channel:

⌨️ (2:42:36) Tetris
💻 Starter File:
💻 Full Code:
🔗 Tutorial from Tech with Tim. Channel:

⌨️ (4:22:12) Online Multiplayer Game
💻 Code:
🔗 Tutorial from Tech with Tim. Channel:

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  1. Bro I did all but my ball moves very quickly.
    What should i do?

    (It's about the first created game)19:28

  2. For the multiplayer game, I get this error message when I try to send and receive data to and from the server([WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine). I disabled Firewall but still got the same results after running the python program. I would be glad if anyone helps me with this problem 😀

  3. Please explain the use of — ball.set(290) in Border Checking section ☹

  4. can someone please help me, when i wrote the pong game in vscode the ball was really fast, i even copy and pasted it but it was still really fast pls help!!!!

  5. i actually love this channel and its content but this is the only video that made me as angry as i would the video itself explained a lot of things but the last game was crappy even tho i downloaded the actual game files to try and compare them i came out with nothing even when i tried to run it it gave me the same error thats why i can say that the biggest piece of crap i ever saw

  6. Very nice video. I love the effort put into this. But I don't get Game 1 line 95

  7. instructions unclear accidently made 7d fps shooter game

  8. TypeError: 'Turtle' object is not callable what is this?

  9. Everything was going good until I got to the “Move the ball” part I put 2 for “ball.dx” and “ball.dy” don’t know why the ball doesn’t move

  10. How do you beyond the python terminal as to get a window with your game graphics and all? I am stuck in the PY terminal

  11. Amazing video, during the code for connect four you asked for suggestions for game to make and i think an RPG game would be an amazing project, as it deals with classes, attributes and can be scalable from easy to complex through multiple videos

  12. I have followed all instructions carefully is working also but speed of the ball is very fast can anybody help me with this

  13. for the Snake game, I have an issue where the game does not run unless I am constantly moving the mouse over the game window. I think code looks identical. Any help?

  14. Hello, on a mac m2, for these code (pong) these are not working. I am runing the codes on my terminal and do get a "black mini screen" but everything else doesnt appear. Am i doing something wrong?

  15. bhai acha nahi laga
    proud indian family

  16. I didn't like the first Turtle game because my code didn't work starting from ball.setx(ball.xcor() + ball.dx)

  17. Hello can you please help me when I try to update my screen on the pong game it doesn’t work and it stays the same please help

  18. Paddle is not showing in output tried to copy the exact code i am doing it in VS code please somebody help

  19. Hello, will this still work on Python 3.10.4?

  20. my computer is so fast that the ball basically just teleported off screen lmao

  21. Tried to do the first game with some things changed (mainly x movement for paddles) and my god turtle's collision management is awful

  22. Hey, does anyone know the YouTube Chanel from the guy who did the first Tutorial?

  23. Hi
    I have followed the code till you drew the grid and tested. I have reached till 55:45. I did not get any error message but cannot see the grid in any window. Kindly guide

  24. Snake game tutorial is a bit tricky, using OOP and lambda expressions, but more than that … the logic of the game design is just wrong. And the result is very buggy. I threw it all out and recoded.

    There is no need to keep track of turns … the snake moves by creating a head in the direction of travel and deleting a tail cube. Thus the cube class doesn't need any speed info nor a move function. And the only part of the snake that can interact with anything is the head, nothing else matters, so no need to check over the entire snake body. If the snake eats a snack, just don't delete the tail cube on that game tick.

  25. Idk why but now it doesnt want to open, it closes as soon as it opens, can you help me?

  26. oh yea, hacking ac's and making it pump more co2 and or something as im not a botanist . so we feel different.

  27. honestly there is so much wrong with what I've done following the connect four tutorial that I thought I was using the wrong language for a moment

  28. ball.dx and ball.dy has no attributes and does not work any more, anyone has a solution for this?

  29. In the pong game, I added negative 20. HIGH INTELLECT!

  30. this is soooo helpful! didn't get the snake game though 🙁

  31. Hi, I'm using a mac, I did this code in PYCHARM did not work, I'm unsure if I need to download something else.

  32. People struggling in doing exercises. I wish there was a website where you just did exercises to improve. Thank you, this got me started

  33. ad every 5 min make the vidieo very annoying =((

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