Launch Epic Games without Launcher -

Launch Epic Games without Launcher

Chris Titus Tech
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This shows you how to launch epic games without the official launcher in both Windows and Linux. Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:32 GitHub Project
02:00 Legendary Syntax
04:05 Lutris Setup
05:16 Sample Launch Gameplay
06:23 Conclusions
GitHub Project:

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  1. Launching a game without a launcher?
    Ok boomer

  2. A small guide for you windows users download the legendary.exe from git hub and open in comand prompt or Power shell in the same folder as you downloaded the legendary.exe then follow the video and replace legendary auth to legendary.exe auth means add .exe end of legendary commands. Reply if you have any questions regarding legendary on windows. Using for gta online.

  3. Any solution to legendary not starting? I click it and it brings up a console then closes. thats it. help please. what did i do wrong?

  4. didnt work for me it opens then instintaly closed

  5. For some reason, I can't get it working. Everytime I open the executable, it crashes.

  6. I have followed the steps but when i want to set the game via lutris i cant find the legendary file in /usr/bin/ but if i run the game via terminal i can play the game any idees?

  7. For those of you who like me had no clue how to get it to run. I will put the steps I found.
    1. Go to Local Disk (C:) and then click users and then click the name you use mine is kylec and put the legendary.exe inside there.
    2. open command prompt and then follow the steps from the video where he types legendary auth

  8. This is kinda ridiculous…

    The guy hates Epic, ok, he's entitled to his opinion, no problem there.
    But… rages about having to use another launcher… so:
    – he wastes more time with another unofficial workaround;
    – needs another (unofficial) launcher, Legendary (which I don't even see the purpose of this project to exist, except to present it as a FOSS alternative);
    – uses Lutris (another platform/launcher, also because WINE is still needed) to manage the game library;
    – gets a limited gameplay option.

    Not practical.

  9. I don't like doing it, but Elite: Dangerous made me.

  10. I can’t download lutris or legendary. Idk why

  11. and we all knows epic is hate but legendary is the best one

  12. Aw It only works for games, isn't it? I'm a dev and I was trying to access my purchased assets on my vault (engine's vault projects).

  13. Ok rllly but rlly far coment after posting this video what files do i download from the page

  14. And how do i open the legendary thingy

  15. Please if you saw my last comments im struggling to open the legendary script and i wish to you could help me

  16. In my case , it didn't open(the legendary executable) but I messed around and found a fix( i guess) so please pin this if you can to help the others. First I opened cmd prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR and when it opens you can see the path ,( in my case it was C:WINDOWSsystem32) , So I copied legendary.exe to system 32 and then In command prompt, I typed legendary auth and it worked. Hope it works for you fellas!
    and thanks for the vid!

  17. erh i just wanna ask how do i install to another location than user/legendary

  18. how do you install this on win10? i run legendary.exe but after a brief cmd-like window nothing happens?

  19. Thank you very much. Probably won't work for GTA 5 in online mode, right?

  20. Do you have to reinstall games via Legendary again? I successfully logged into my account with Legendary and listed installed games but it said there are no games installed atm…

  21. Chris, I'm using windows 10 and when I was done installing it, it doesn't open correctly can you please make a video of how to get games in epic without launcher in windows 10 please thank you.

  22. the launcher will not work for me. it will quckily flash and then disappear. i deleted and them reinstalled and its THE SAME THING.
    i just want to play the free games i got ;-;

  23. I'm lazy sometimes, i would love to see this little program with an UI in order to avoid command prompts as much as posible

  24. How about cross platform play with stem friends? I worked on making Rising Storm Vietnam compatible with steam, but when launched through stem multiplayer support goes away. The executable has is not the same with extra Epic code…

  25. is there a way to change the directory of legendary installation folder?

  26. I can't launch it to get to part where you type in codes

  27. Can’t you just make short cuts on your desk top that’s what I do but epic launches when I close whatever game I’m playing. I don’t know much about software so I apologize if that’s a dumb question

  28. For Windows Users:
    You can move legendary.exe to "%UserProfile%AppdataLocalMicrosoftWindowsApps" (The microsoft folder is hidden so you can copy and paste to get to the location directly), doing this the legendary command will work with cmd/powershell directly without the need of giving it the location of the .exe.

    Then after doing all the procedure of autheticating and importing/installing the games to the legendary app, you can create batch files with "legendary launch 'appid'" to open the games with a simple double clic.
    TIP: Move the .bat file to the game folder a create a shortcut to the desktop, then change the name and the icon according to the game

  29. Thanks for this Chris, wouldn't have known about Legendary otherwise. I got battlefront 2 for free through epic but it's tied to origin, and when I attempt to launch it it's looking for an application to handle the epic link. Is this a limitation of Legendary do you know, or is there a solution for situations like this?

  30. bro i am using manjaro and also using amd graphic card i an facing one problem that is when i enter game it stuck and stops

  31. Im on win10 and when I run the exectutable it just opens a cmd prompt, runs through some text really fast, then closes.

  32. I was trying this in cmd and power shell but nothing happened

  33. 👍 I've never played any online games, and now I'm looking into it (Windows 10 OS) it's confusing as all Hell! I simply want to try a few mouse and keyboard shooting games, and not fork out a bunch of dough.
    Honestly, I never thought it'd be so damned difficult. ✌

  34. i'm on debian linux on chromebook and the terminal does not recognize the command "legendary" lol XD

  35. I got it now, If people from Windows trouble Launching Borderlands 2 offline
    You need to add –offline command in front of the legendary launch Dodo command

    Open cmd and type this: legendary launch Dodo –offline

    Now you can play without internet

  36. What program is that. That runs the leg thing cause I download and nothing.

  37. i downloaded the exe file but it starts and just runs a cmd like thing and then just closes ?

  38. @Chris Titus Tech, when you have a chance could you do a windows version on how to install this Github Legendary Program on windows 10 thanks so much

  39. Complains about running games from a launcher…
    runs games from lutris

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