Launch Epic Games without Launcher -

Launch Epic Games without Launcher

Chris Titus Tech
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This shows you how to launch epic games without the official launcher in both Windows and Linux. Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:32 GitHub Project
02:00 Legendary Syntax
04:05 Lutris Setup
05:16 Sample Launch Gameplay
06:23 Conclusions
GitHub Project:

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  1. so i went to github cant find interloper listed xD

  2. How to install on Windows? I open the "exe" file and it closes then and nothing happens!

  3. can someone plese help me and say how to instal this ???


  5. for this do i need to have had epic on my pc before it lost support?

  6. it's not lettingme download legendary it says which do u want to open with please help @chris

  7. why i should do this? when there's epic games launcher?!?!?!

  8. Do all games will be deleted if I uninstall the epic games launcher and install this?

  9. Epic games launcher makes playing games harder on my potato lappy 😭. Thnx Chris 😁.

  10. what program is that, that is used to lunch the legenday

  11. i was late so thats prob y it didn't work qwq

  12. There are 2 launchers, Epic and Rockstar, both are shit

  13. Can this be dome with steam and origin aswell ot only epic?

  14. what if the game is installed in another drive?

  15. This is super helpful because you don't even need to install epic! You don't even need to know how to use most commands in a windows/linux command line. (But of course, for quality-of-life purposes, knowing how to make a simple batch file is very helpful for quick startup.)

  16. I’m confused I’m doing this on chromebook

  17. I'm happy that with all my noobness I managed to get rid of windows on my laptop, I installed ubuntu at first than even managed to switch to pop os with a clean install. I'm a console user but want to move away from Sony and Microsoft gaming systems and also absolutely hate windows, so I'm happy I managed to get linux going on my pc. Actually until a few days ago I didn't know absolutely nothing about linux or it's existence lol.
    Now I wanted to get Star Trek online running on pop os but that seems a bit more difficult, since trying to use Steam (that I also created an account just for pc games) I keep getting some DirectX no longer supported type of error, and like I said I'm a noob when dealing with PC stuff. I know people play STO on linux, so it's something I don't know how or my laptop can't handle, maybe.
    Counter Strike seems to be ok on it though
    Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated

  18. This channel and a few others have been of a great help to me in getting rid of Windows from my pc, I didn't even know there were options besides Microsoft crap lol

  19. what are you on when you are typing in all that stuff ?

  20. he didnt explane how to install it well when i installed legendary with the deb version and it wont work can someone help me

  21. Cool so if my internet goes down and i cant play via the online launcher all i have to do is download a bunch of files and..
    wait what?

  22. So a launch app to launch a game withouth the launcher…

  23. Ok so I downloaded the "legendary" file for my Ubuntu 20.04, but nothing happens when I try to start it. Can someone help me?

  24. can i have the links cuz i dont know what to look up

  25. Epic's poor micromanagement of games just makes it easier to decide on torrent piracy.

  26. i couldent find it is there a updated one?

  27. anyone know the steps to run on windows, im running into problems and dont really understand github instructions?

  28. I open it, itself closes and nothing else happens

  29. This is why I pirated everything that I bought and paid for… no login credentials required and no background DRM cluttering memory usage and selling your data.

  30. does this work for games that are only limited (open beta game)

  31. what about dlc do the dlc auto launch with the game? please anyone answer

  32. @chris pls teach how to change install path i really need it bro

  33. 🦋 𝐲𝐪𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐱𝐬 💗 says:

    So like how do you download it :/

  34. Can you help me on my Linux Mint, i add epic games to my Lutris and Epic games wont log in over my google account, its asking to complete login into brawser that wont open automatly like usual on windows.
    Is there a fix to Google account login into epic games?
    Great video, because of you i turn to linux on my laptop 🙂

  35. This is for sure an old video, but it does not matter, it got everything to work for me, because as you said, even here in 2022, on the cusp of 2023, the Epic Launcher is TRASH. Thank you ever so much for this workaround, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  36. hey man where to copy this legendary.exe ????

  37. Это просто великолепно!! Супер лаунчер для простого запуска!! Как же я устал от ограничений Epic!! Спасибо!!!

  38. Darth Revan!!! Have that background made as a keycap

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