#KnowingSmile REVEALED! | BumbleKast for June 16th, 2023 - Ian Flynn Q&A Podcast - thinkfaststudio.com

#KnowingSmile REVEALED! | BumbleKast for June 16th, 2023 – Ian Flynn Q&A Podcast

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While Ian has written the story for Sonic Frontiers, he is not able to answer questions regarding the behind-the-scenes aspects of the game at this time due to a legal non-disclosure agreement with SEGA.

Check the Master Q&A spreadsheet to see if your question has already been answered in a previous episode:

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  1. June 16th, 2023 Question Timestamps:
    2:48 – Is Sonic’s Worlds full of Dreams?
    3:16 – gru and the minions vs rayman and the rabbids. go.
    4:39 – Is the language spoken by the ancients real?
    5:24 – What about if Sonic become Nicky again from a power blow out and his family finds he what would happen
    7:10 – If you were asked to help produce on an official Five Nights at Freddy’s comic, how would you go about doing it compared to other game comics?
    11:37 – One more Zelda question! You both are transported to the events of Ocarina of Time. Ian is now Link and Kyle, Navi! How would you both react, what happens, and does Aleah-Dorf win in the end??
    15:07 – how would Sonic and the Gang handle being Warframe wither Sonic becoming a Tenno
    17:14 – With the new Tears of the Kingdom out how long till you expect a Sonic Frontiers version of a Sequel
    19:45 – So could Sage for what ever reason take control of Metal sonic and how effective would she/they be?
    20:42 – So how would a teamup between Whisper and BT 7274 from titanfall 2 go? (Bt is basically sentient mech)
    23:26 – Thoughts on the new Dangeresque Game?
    25:10 – What would a Neo Metal Shard be like?
    25:55 – Surge was bascially an energy vampire with the dynamo cage how would you write her as a real vampire? I know you can't do blood so get creative.
    28:27 – What are the chances of us seeing Super Tails and Super Knuckles again? What about other characters who haven't canonically gone super before?
    30:44 – Do you see Zeena turning over to the good side if Sonic was not so sarcastic to her in Sonic Lost World? And would she be a valuable ally to the team?
    32:29 – after sonic retires who takes the mantle of hero?
    34:05 – Is Lanolin a Karen?
    34:57 – do cryptids exist? are they villains or heroes?
    36:17 – What or who do you think Sage would want to dress up as for next Halloween? Would Eggman take her trick or treating?
    38:32 – Does Solaris' superdimensionality apply to all numeric dimensions, the dimensions we've seen in the series up to '06, or just Sonic's dimension?
    39:47 – Did you write all those journal entries for Dungeons of Aether? How do you sit down and write long entries for games? what mind set do you need?
    41:49 – Are the Ancients putting their dreams into Cyberspace similar to Maginaryworld, where Cyberspace is a repository for tangible 3D dream worlds?
    44:06 – Outtake 1 (and only)

  2. 35:30if a Jacklope Mobian can exists out there i want cream to get the spotmaybe eggman fires pure Chaos energy at the small child from his IDW gun and the effect is giving her two horns at the side of his head + some high tempercould be a fun IDW arc to get cream back to normal or make her control these powers

  3. I’m excited for sonic superstars and the interviews with izuka basically saying that classic and modern sonic will coexist. That way we could have classic characters that have been sent into obscurity such as #Fangthesniper #beanthedynamite #barkthepolarbear #Raytheflyingsquirel and #Mightythearmadello can return to the classic game series. While modern sonic can bring in comic characters and at the same time BOTH can introduce new characters such as trip

  4. The Bumblekast is back with KNOWING SMILES!!!

  5. I can't believe Ian didn't tell the master president and overlord of Sega; Kyle JCrB Crouse that there was a new Sonic game. Makes you wonder that title even entails.

  6. Hear me out. The manga version of sonic getting a game 😮

  7. Question for Ian, what is the hardest part of making an ongoing comic series is it figuring out just what kinda story is gonna happen, time, disputes between team members or something I haven’t listed

  8. What was the hardest story/arc you've written in terms of what you could or couldn't do, either because Archie and/or IDW wanted something different out of it or Sega themselves not allowing certain key elements in the story?

  9. @BKQA
    In a previous episode, you said other characters having super forms in Sonic Mania was a gameplay element, but in the ending of Encore Mode we see the team run out of Titanic Monarch in their super forms. So is this part of the campaign not canon?

  10. 27:34 my god I remember vividly the first time I noticed. Year's 2003, a friend of mine points to my SA2B poster and said "why do you like Sonic so much, have you noticed he doesn't have a neck?" And it HAUNTED me for weeks looking at the poster, I couldn't unsee it.

  11. I have a question for the next video, at the end of episode 40 of Sonic X, Eggman breaks fourth wall with Eggman X but here’s my question, does the Chaos Council likes to watch Eggman X and also force everyone in New Yoke to watch it?

  12. The name "Sonic SUPERSTARS" makes me think of Mario Party. And I don't think Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy playing Mario Party would end very well.

  13. In a Sonic PR crossover, what would Knuckles and the Chaotix look like as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Would Silver and Blaze be on the team do to there friendships with Chaotix and would Charmy be a ranger or the Alpha?

  14. If I remember correctly even Nikki didn't know he could transform into Sonic in the manga, they were two entirely seperate entities. He was always jealous of Sonic and wanted to be like him, not realising it was himself.

  15. 22:54 BT absolutely would be able to use wispoons, the whole gimmick of his mech is that he can basically megaman power swap to every other titan type in the gamr for what i remember

    also Titanfall 2 campaign should absolutely be in high priority in you guys list, it's the best campaign ive experience in a shooter and i would say even across other gameplay styles

  16. Sippy the Chupacabra sounds like an absolutely incredible vampire villain for sonic.

  17. "Ian Flynn and his Magical Macaroni Hat"…. Andrew Lloyd Webber? Get on this.

  18. What if Amy had this power.
    Something like "wake up"
    She could bring people who are unconsciousness or mind controlled to their senses.
    Amy could also use it on herself.

  19. I have a question.
    In Sonic franchise all hedgehogs have unick powers based on their spines.
    Amy Rose is the only one who doesn't
    and i think i now way.
    In her previous look she is shown to have loong spines, and new they seem to be cut.
    Does these indicate that she had powers but somehow lost them.🤔
    I just want to thank you for doing what you are doing.

  20. Wait so is it confirmed the knuckles campaign in Sonic and knuckles isn't canon? Super Knuckles is the only good ending for that campaign…

  21. Do you see remake of sonic comics in games.
    Laik metal vires series?

  22. For Zeena being the most hyper violent Karen that we love to stan, we ride on the Algorithm Quest!

  23. Questiom for ian, will sonic be as powerful as Archie or will he be nerfed and more balanced ?

  24. OMG you guys got to my question 😭 btw it's "Bee-ko" haha love you guys

  25. In the same Terminal Montage OoT series, In the Temple of Time, they use the same sound font to play the Flintstones theme! And then in the Goron City, it's the "open the door, get on the floor, everyone walk the dinosaur!" song. It's one of my favorite gags because I had the same reaction as you Ian. "waitaminute"

  26. 29:26 I actually do like it the fact Sonics the only one who canonically turned super besides obviously shadow and silver

  27. I will say that, in terms of Solaris, Eggman does specifically call them a "Super-Dimensional", "Ultra-Dimensional", and "transcendent" lifeform. I don't think Solaris exists within multiple universes, as that wouldn't really fit with how the character is handled, so, maybe Solaris is a higher dimensional being? That feels like what Eggman may be speaking about. Maginaryworld does contain a shitload of dreams and "4th Dimension Space", so, we possibly already know of higher dimensions in Sonic canon.

  28. 7:10 considering what a tangled mess fnaf lore is ( take Sonic's inconsistency and multiply by ten ) this hypothetical comic would need many, many revisions
    but oooh I would pay a pretty penny for fourth closet comic adaptation from Henry's perspective

  29. The temptation to draw Ian as Link and Kyle as a Zavi is real. Not sure how the latter would work, though…

    Steamed Hams references this episode: 0

    Total since count began: 9 🍔🍟🌭🌭🍟

  30. Well Super Amy just got leaked today and what you're saying is completely correct because she has the exact same effect as everyone else in Mania as she just glows like a light bulb

  31. A questionfor ian flynn, what would be the end of the dark times arc of sonic from archie comics if the idiot ken penders hadn't give that lawsuit?

  32. That Epona/Daytona song is a song by Twin Perfect, Kyle, dunno why you mentioned notorious Nintendo music ripper Silvagunner instead, am I missing something here? X'D Also, the channel Ian's talking about is TerminalMontage (terminal velocity is just the speed at which an object stops accelerating – usually when it's falling). Everything on that channel is chaos, well worth watching 🤣

  33. I admit that this.BumbleKast is pretty interesting 😮

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