Knock Down The House | FULL FEATURE | Netflix -

Knock Down The House | FULL FEATURE | Netflix

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Four female candidates — each driven by personal experience and hardship — enter the 2018 race for Congress, challenging powerful incumbents for a spot at the table and a voice in government. This emotional documentary follows their campaigns.

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US Rating: PG. Parental guidance suggested.


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Knock Down The House | FULL FEATURE | Netflix


  1. She is undermining everything true democrats stand for. Unions, Healthcare… she's a fraud.

  2. This documentary made me loose IQ points

  3. hugely disappointed Amy, Paula, and Cori didn't get in. one can only imagine the kind of progress that could've been made if they did

  4. Go all the way. I have Family in New York State

  5. Her and her squad have cost the Democratic party the midterms. I am so pissed off at the DNC for giving those radicals any time at all.

  6. All these people are liars cheaters and Con Artist plain and simple… They want to take your HARD EARNED MONEY and use it to pay their bills and pay the Rent and buy a car THANK TO YOU LOL SUCKERS

  7. Allllllll these mfrs out of a job next election defund who!? Abolish y’all’s employment 😂

  8. AOC lives in a luxury apartment. But she advocates socialism. How absurd is this? Hypocrites are socialists. They say everyone should share equally. But in reality, they want to have a lot. That's why I hate “PC” People.

  9. She is the greatest person that America should put in its history books and that every history book in America should reflect both old and new American history

  10. noe of this aged well
    all of them embezzled millions and are the super elitist

  11. Personable, articulate, out of the box, original thinker, openly opinionated, America should be proud of such ballsy citizens ?

  12. Shit like this trash is why Netflix is failing lol

  13. the guy hacking away at the vegetation is a jerk. Leave the environment alone and be nice to it and all the animals please and thank you.

  14. stop hurting the environment, whats wrong with mice and rats and squirels and all the other woodland critters that deserve our love respect and protection.

  15. I know this is old, but damn, how did THAT white guy who lives in Virginia,get appointed to Congress to represent Queens,the Bronx, and rikers Island???? No sense at all.
    Kerry Grant luvs mother earth and not pludoctats fracking narssistic psyopathic autocrats

  16. all those congressmen and senators are criminals on police reports like we have in reno nevada and never vote for a movie star! all the bad stuff on tv is caused by illegal aliens running the peentagon from south america and china for last fifty years!

  17. "Personal experience and hardship" who fking wrote this nonsense? AOC's father is a successful architect and she grew up in westchester. We need to find the lying scum who make this propaganda and jail them.

  18. All parties united. ✝️🌍🙏🤍🤎💜💙💗🖤💚🥳

  19. WhatsApp him +²³⁴⁹⁰⁴⁸⁰¹¹⁰³¹ says:

    ⬆️⬆️ Dr. ajmaki de spreukgieter stop Mijn man bedriegt me door zijn spreuk Ik waardeer hem echt…

  20. WhatsApp him +²³⁴⁹⁰⁴⁸⁰¹¹⁰³¹ says:

    ⬆️⬆️ Dr. ajmaki de spreukgieter stop Mijn man bedriegt me door zijn spreuk Ik waardeer hem echt…

  21. I see a lot of US vs them going on. There is always a "them" sometimes it is gay people sometimes it is black people and sometimes…this time it is "rich white" people. The theming going on is really about battling something, but they have miss created a false them as a rallying point. Maybe one day we can create non racial them …which will still be a false boggie-man but might be less damaging in its naming.

  22. Shows like this bullcrap is why Netflix has lost 42% of its viewers

  23. Oh look, a prime example of why YouTube made dislikes invisible.

  24. What a loyal liberal puppet Netflix has now become

  25. Why don't u shoot a sery about how President Trump fight disgusting liberals like u and protect our country from illegal immigrants? Will u dare?

  26. Politics is like chess, it is the one who sets the best moves and has an extensive network wins. You must now think a hundred thousand moves ahead. You have to plan for 10 years ahead to smash the NRA and save the planet.

  27. Awe, Netflix is falling on their face because of this crap they keep putting out, what was the latest one? The Kappernick idiot hour one?

  28. That white boy would get chained up and killed lmk

  29. If this b*tch A.O.C. had her way, we would not be allowed to eat meat anymore, we would be forced to eat tufu and kale and wash it down with those lawnmower shakes! God did NOT put humans on top of the food chain to eat tufu & kale, (that is what they serve in hell) Also if the b*tch A.O.C. has her way all men would be drained of their seed so that she could sort out her version of good from the bad then have the men castrated and used for slave labor! That is what would happen if the b*tch A.O.C. had her way!

  30. How easy is it to pack nothing into 1:26:39 and call it a documentary? Pretty easy, it looks like!

  31. Then Cori Bush and AOC caught the China Virus which made them more dumber than vegetables that even vegans don’t want

  32. All that worry about make up and her appearance. This is the very reason why women are totally unsuitable to be in politics Apart from Thatcher, they are as the Bible declares ….. morally WEAK and very unstable. Men can shoulder big responsibilities, but women on the whole , cannot !

  33. This would have been way more cool if she even understood how to leverage power even to the slightest of degrees it's of degrees she's just as useless as any other politician it's a shame I had hope in her

  34. Smart? You’re kidding me. She’s dumb as hell . Things that voted for “this thing”are even dumber! Intelligent people simply laugh at & pity you!

  35. An absolute queen. I hope she runs for president someday inshallah.

  36. Anything or business she is involved with will go to zero which pretty much the same her IQ
    Notice she always refers to people of brown skin in meaning of Hispanic origin.
    Hates white people and could care less of Blacks.

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