Kill Team | March Q1 2024 Balance Dataslate Review -

Kill Team | March Q1 2024 Balance Dataslate Review

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Welcome to today’s Warhammer 40000 Kill Team video where I cover the brand new Balance Dataslate released today by Games Workshop! I go over all the changes for every kill team as well as Bheta-Decima and analyse how this will shape the meta going forwards! Join the retro revolution: Play SNES zombies ate my neighbors cheats infinite lives game online and rediscover the magic.

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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – General Changes
02:33 – Kommando Changes
04:35 – Veteran Guardsmen Changes
05:55 – Void Dancer Troupe Changes
06:53 – Wyrmblade Changes
07:31 – Warp Coven Changes
10:18 – Farstalker Kinband Changes
12:12 – Hierotek Circle Changes
14:45 – Hearthkyn Changes
16:08 – Fellgor Ravager Changes
17:40 – Chaos Cult Changes
18:30 – March Balance Dataslate Overview
23:55 – Outro

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  1. I was worried about the Vet Guard nerfs. But I only get one mine off in a game anyway before my opponent overkills him. As long as they dont touch the damage.

  2. With his gleeful energy in the intro, I knee this one would be either really good or just awful.

  3. Man, the Kroot just can't catch a break these days :((

  4. Super excited, great changes overall. Surprised not to see any Scouts buffs.

  5. Do death guard now get an extra operative? Am i reading that correctly?

  6. Holy heck the manic excitment at the start of this video is infectious. I dont even play any of these teams but im PUMPED for these changes.

    Thanks for explaining the changes so clearly and so passionately.

  7. The Heirotek Circle changes are awesome. Reanimating on a 2+ now might let me reanimate my units as I would always roll 2's on my reanimations. Buffing the Psychomancy like that might make him viable, thinking of making him a leader bully. Honstly I don't like the Technomancer change and I can't explain it.

  8. As a vet gaurd main like i only ever mine once a game anyways and I always thought heavy turned off the spotter anyways.

  9. Fellgor and Gpox still OP IMHO. I don't think the Warp Coven needed so much of a boost either; they were already strong, just not popular amongst tournament players because of complexity. Glad the space elves lost fly, that was always ridiculous. Not impressed by the BD changes, but then I really don't like it so I was never going to view any changes favourably. Thankfully I don't need to play it often. I feel the Scouts need some boosting, but I suppose it's too soon for those atm.

  10. Pay respect by pressing F for our Space Elf Clown pilots who would need learn terrain rules. Life is hardship.

  11. GW starting to see how popular kill team is !!!

  12. Weirdly RaW the void dancers would need to always spend 2 to drop, even from lower distances. For example to climb the octarius fort and rampart, you spend 2 to climb it. But then would need to spend another 2 to drop from the top of the rampart to the vantage point floor?

  13. Glad they cleared up the GSC reroll business. That ability is disgusting with the kellermorph.

  14. You know, it speaks wonders about Kill Team balance that Veteran Guardsmen, one of the very first bespoke Kill Teams to get introduces, went through without any changes for so long while staying good – in fact, so good that when they finally got a change it was to nerf them.

  15. The Warp Coven and Hierotek changes look awesome. I can't wait to get some games in with them.

  16. So last night I finished painting war paint on the bodies of all 10 of my fellgor…😢

  17. So the Demo Vet sounds a whole lot less useful now? It gets 1 mine then its just a normal Trooper basically without GA? Or am I misunderstanding something?

  18. I dont mind void dancers being nerfed, but it should be just on bheta decima, and a huge thing is they now need a wall to actually climb instead of moving up onto terrain like climbing equipment

  19. Wow focusing on old teams when there are felgor/gallerpox.


  21. As a warp coven player from day one I'm excited

  22. My breachers avoid the dataslate yet again

  23. Oof the squig is nerfed to oblivion….. Kind of warranted but boy the grot is going to be the main obj steal unit

    Vet guard? Finally a change LOL

  24. Love this dataslate! Now we just need KT Nightmare… please GW, I want my edgelord teams…

  25. wait, the entire middle section of Beta Decima nothing is visible in any of it? 😮

  26. I'd say I agree with pretty much everything except for the Choppa going down to 3 attacks. Like, why completely ruin the equipment instead of increasing the cost?

  27. I wonder how balanced this game would be if you played it as written in the books. Probably not very.

  28. I have friends that play pathfinders and kommandos. Think I may have to pick up hearthkyn so I can stop getting railed by forward deploy! 😂

  29. What do you think about the new leak information for kill team nightmare for both teams(mandrake and nightlord) from battle report in warhammer+.

  30. I have been wanting to get into kill team with my votann models. Does the hearthkyn changes make them decent now?

  31. Any idea why they didn't touch Kroots? They really feel underpowered.

  32. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm a novice 😂 What's the significance of changing from being obscured to not visible? It still blocks long range shooting if I'm understanding correctly?

  33. By the sounds of things I think you might need a new pair of trousers… Lol but seriously its a sweet update!

  34. Did just the game get fixed right before new edition? Feels like Diablo 3 before first dlc.

  35. When they gonna let Cronies take flayed ones!?

  36. The change to jump tests feels like an indirect nerf to Kroot's Bound strategic ploy as now everyone passes jump tests anyway. I feel like that was a lazy change by GW and one they didn't really spend more than 2 seconds considering the impact of.

  37. The Nanomine nerf does technically affect dashes, but only if you're activating a model already within its radius. Since any amount of movement must be spent in increments of 1", you'd naturally only have 2" left when dashing into/through the mine's area of effect, and since it can no longer reduce speed to less than 2" it won't be affected further. Attempting to start a dash while inside the area of effect would make it 2" instead of 3"

    Edit Disregard, I noticed it's a minimum of 2⚪, so 4". Dash is completely unaffected. My bad.

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