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JAILBROKEN with a PAPERCLIP – How the Nintendo Switch security was defeated

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And jailbreak enthusiasts came up with a creative way to circumvent security restrictions on the Switch back in 2018.

Best Homebrew apps:


  1. Poor Nintendo. They’re getting hacked by paper clips💀

  2. Illegal you might go in jail for 10 years and you have to pay $2500000

  3. Find it funny that this is not the first time that you could jailbreak a Nintendo console by pinching or touching something on the system with a simple tool. The wii could run custom code by touching 2 pins with something simple like tweezers

  4. Was googling around because was curious if it had been done. Incredibly well made video with some fantastic background information.

  5. Nintendo: Ah cht another hack😵‍💫

  6. Ma men is using TWRP on switch. Good old days with my S7 I remember

  7. Can you play your online switch games (expansion pass) with a jailbroken switch

  8. reminds me of the wii back in the day the wii was hacked by a paper clip

  9. Don’t do this. Your Nintendo Switch will be banned.

  10. i lost me save deta but will i still have my new save deta
    or the save deta of new game,s that i got

  11. This was the first time I’ve ever watched one of your videos and I actually found it quite chilled and calming compared to over tech channels. It was a nice break. Keep up the nice videos

  12. can this paperclip trick be used on a Nintendo Switch OLED?

  13. One question please, once it's jailbreak and you restard your nintendo switch you have always to do the same process to enter the hack version or not? 🤔

  14. DIRE QUESTION does this work with patched switches like for example the XKW1 model?

  15. It's funny, I've had a switch since nearly the beginning of their existence because I wanted to play breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. Only recently have I decided to go ahead and do this break because I want to play my copy of Tears of the Kingdom on PC in higher-quality

  16. 6:22

    Funny part here is: Kate submitted a bootrom bug for up to a $200k bounty without consent from the person who found it. And that's a massive breach of trust.

  17. do you think i can use a paper clip on my switch lite to jailbreak it

  18. Yes, be an idiot, ruin your Nintendo switch. Get no Wi-Fi random black screens and get completely banned from nintendo
    for life and then put hacker weird software on it to make it a nice paper weight over time.

  19. Are you able to flip back and forth between the homebrew interface and the original stock operating system? If so, will your system be detectable if you go online?

  20. Not to be rude but he just had to hit 8 mins exactly 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Hey One quick question do you know how to install Smashline Hook and the NRO Hook (Beta) On Nintendo switch? I Just don’t know how to set it up.

  22. Will jailbreaking my switch alone give me the ability to retrieve lost photos and videos I accidentally deleted? I’d never do this otherwise but I really want those videos and photos back.

  23. is there anyway to do it with a joycon? help is needed pls

  24. Nintendo prob thought who the hell whould think of a paperclip to jailbreak the switch

  25. He forgot to mention how all switches are still technically moddable, with a little soldering skills and a purchase from a sketchy website

  26. Could you repost the video of the best homebrew apps from theNintendo Switch

  27. You did not show us how to do it like you said

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