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It’s Over For Cheaters

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It’s jover for cheatcells

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  1. a thing you probably dont know about pyro. i dont blame you.
    but people are selling accounts for tons of cash. and even cash drops. or market trades.
    look on fiver its like 5 bucks for a million roubles in tarkov. which is about 1-2 gear kits. worth. and some people had over 500 fucking sales. thats 2500 bucks…
    so dont go : people do it for no reason. some people making big bucks. selling items/cash to people that get fucked by these cheaters.
    its like me punching you. then selling you a bandaid. then punching you again. but you will keep buying the bandage. because you want to be fixed up.

  2. o yeah also jagex. makers of runescape on their latest game rs3 have this AI anti cheat or a form of.
    it will track mousemovements. and gameplay behaviour. if suddenly it spikes up. like more mouse movements. u could face a ban.
    like u do 10.000 clicks a day right. suddenly u do 50.000 clicks totally random on a day. this system will kick in. and report you instantly.
    it would be an amazing system for any game…

  3. Cheating will always remain, AI cheating softwares will end up overpoweing the Ai anticheats, there is always a way around from my past experience of coding and working with cheat coders

  4. props to the internet janitors that do their job for free.

  5. that bio-profile shit is dystopian af

    also if it gets implemented then perma bans should be abolished, imagine you get permanently denied from a game just cause you cheated once, that is ridiculous

  6. I cheated back in 2018 csgo, Is this going to be the end of me

  7. i love how you have CSGO cheaters and all that that have these crazy cheats that look real and then you have splatoon 3 e litre cheaters that killed you through several walls. Theyre not even trying 💀

  8. I cheat in games so I don't have to be a sweaty freak it makes it more fun

  9. honestly i've played 20 hours of 6 Siege, and i've encountered 10 cheaters tops.

  10. if they perm banned all cheaters they wouldn't get people rebuying the game thus they would be losing a profit. So they make it a simple ban thats fixable by a new purchase.

  11. I'm an R6S casual player and yeah…. it's the worst game in cheating ratio. We got blatant cheaters IN CASUAL every 5 games (at least here in Brazil). Seems like in US the quantity is doubled so i could see a "1 out of 3 players is a cheater" based on R6S alone. There's a youtuber called VarsityGaming that reviews replays that the community sends to him. We quite often see more than 1 cheater in only 1 match. It's horrible. Can't even blame devs. They patch a cheat and 3 others emerge. And the cheaters are SUPER CREATIVE too. Glitch through walls, Amaru grapling through walls, flying drones, infinite ammo, infinite BLAST ammo, invisibility, cloning operators, and the list goes on….

  12. The issue is FPS games themselves…. They suck, so people cheat. Better to cheat than be bored as balls by a stale genre

  13. the bio one is pretty dreadful, like no chance for redemption…
    maybe give them a note that they are being watched and mentioning their old username

  14. Game called Eudemons 80% of community are literally hacking

  15. Basically hummus is so muchhhh more than siege hacker. If you never watched I’d fs recommend.

  16. So you mean I wasn't supposed to use Xray glasses while playing hide and seek?

  17. some days I play absurdly good at games and others I play like I've never touched a game, the ai will most likely ban me if it creates my "profile" on a day I'm shit and if I come back in a week and start destroying everyone I will get banned, I'm sure this is the case with others as well and this puts normal players at more of a risk than the cheaters (this assumes its based on player behavior's and not a standardized set of rules (based on average human reaction time etc). I imagine I haven't touched all the details of this but would like to know anyone's thoughts who's willing to share 🙂

  18. That tarkov video really had an impact, this is insane

  19. I’m sorry for cheating on my second grade vocabulary quiz

  20. No way he doesn’t know who moist critical is

  21. when 1 in 3 people suddenly stopped playing your game because they were banned for life

  22. Bro spent 28 minutes giving ideas to bypass the anti cheat 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  23. Wow this is so amazing, but is valve ever going to let go that 780 days ago I queued in a lobby of csgo with a FRIEND who cheated, but never in my life have cheated myself, and vac banned me by association?

  24. Valorant anti-cheat is actually the best anti-cheat I've seen in a game, knowing that will not reduce the chance you will be headshot in under 0.05 seconds after turning a corner.

  25. This is gonna be a crazy internet historian video in 5 years

  26. lol who is the guy who looks like jesus? The guy with 12.8m subscribers?

  27. 11:15

    "It's purposely handicapping itself to look more natural, to look more human."
    It sounds funny when it's said this way, but yeah, it's true.

    The most interesting, but also kind of scary part of this type of technology is that, a video game, not just one that's an FPS shooter, could have realistic bots.
    You'd be able to change the difficulty to change the AI's reaction time, accuracy, and things like that.
    To be clear, bots already exist, hell, some really realistic ones already exist in both the video game industry and in general, I know that, so that's not what I'm saying.
    What I'm saying is that these bots or false players could be indistinguishable from actual players, all the while having customizable skill levels.

    I both fear, and am excited for the future of AI, not just in the video game industry, but as a whole.

  28. I have played 400 hours or so of r6 and met 1 cheater, cs go on the other hand the second game i ever played had like three in so idk

  29. 29:08 i didn't know a British man talking trash about my major could be so damaging

  30. Lmao sucks to be a PC player, no cheaters on console

  31. 15 mins of pyro pausing? that's gotta be a new record.

  32. My personal expirience with r6s was good i mean literally no obvious cheaters

  33. 1v1 me in siege im just gold so you should destroy me

  34. They claim that this antycheats bans only cheaters but not all cheaters

  35. rainbow six siege vs counter strike and tf2 valve official servers


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