It's Official- Xbox One Has Been Retired By Xbox -

It’s Official- Xbox One Has Been Retired By Xbox

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  1. Nah I play my One X all the time, My Series X collects dust because there's nothing new to play. Even in the near future, that I can't play on PS5. I have 0 interest in Starfield or a new Forza at all. So I'll probably sell it anyway. One X does 4K, 30fps, some 60fps, and still plays great, and looks beautiful on my Sony 4K TV. PS5 games look equally great, and many PS4 3rd party BC titles on PS5 actually look better on One X. Like AC, Tomb Raider, Read Dead and so on. Mainly because they are just PS4 Pro games, with little to no upgrades.

  2. Plz stop the cringe gameshow thing and do a cringe guy in a robe by the fireplace thing. Oh and you need a pipe. Yw.

  3. Really tthe wii u was the worst console in the last 20 years. what a gen z kid

  4. God of War, Persona 5, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human are also on PC! It just takes Sony much longer to bring them over, probably the better strategy for console sales though.

  5. I don't think we can knock them for having exclusives also on PC.

    1) It's literally Microsoft, a company who owns the OS to most gaming PCs in existence.
    2) Many people own a game console but not a gaming computer.

    I mean.. I have an XB1 and would be playing those great exclusives on it if they were worth playing. That's more important than the 'also on PC' track.

  6. Rip in Pizza xbone. The most controversial launch of all consoles.

  7. Too late. The damage has been done by making it mandatory to support 4 xbox consoles. I'll never go back to xbox's aids infested platform

  8. So funny that the Xbox 360 hardware was a piece of crap, especially the launch editions (Mine had to be sent back THREE times cuz of red rings lol) and the Kinect was a massive flop. The Xbox One was a much better machine. It was the games that were great during the 360 and basically nothing on the Xbox One. Now we have the Series S that all the Dev's hate and is holding back game development and is actually a partial cause of all this 30 FPS crap. BTW, I love Xbox, havent owned a Playstation since 2 but at this point Im just dropping consoles period since 90% of my gaming is all on PC now.

  9. Ill just wait for the inevitability of xbox exclusives coming to pc. I never had justification to by yet-another console.

  10. Because of the horrible naming. I have no clue which Xbox version this is. 🤷‍♂️

    Ek-Bok Ek?

  11. AI-controlled electric shoes for those who truly want to eliminate all exercise from their lives and be a lazy piece of shit.

  12. I genuinely don't trust anything that IGN reports in terms of gaming. They've lost that privilege years ago and I don't need them to confirm the likelihood that BGS will release a somewhat competent product given the stakes and their reputation being on the line. I don't think Starfield will be like Fallout 76– I mean there's no shot, right?

  13. this ain't true another Ignorant ass Playsation fanboy that doesn't do no research

  14. You don't see adults with Heelies (not sure on spelling) is because one wrong move, they fall, and break something important 😵😵😵

  15. The Xbox One was almost a stillborn, just awful PR before release. For the people who were on the fence about migrating to PC back in the PS3 generation, the PS4 generation basically forced them to migrate. The Xbox 360 was a nice console (who had lots of issues at the initial years, but it solidified itself later), I migrated to PC back in those days because the PS3 price was just outrageous, but I looked at the Xbox 360 with a little bit of "envy"… but damn, the Xbox One sucks so much, no reason to pick it up over a PC. And the Xbox Series X is basically the same thing, saved by the prices (a equivalent PC is like $800 with refurbished pieces), if you are willing to spent a little more to have a more efficient machine, why not? The Series S offers a decent product for the cheapskates (my audience), literal game pass machine… but hell, the Series S is a potato, it will struggle a lot at the end of the generation

  16. I “upgraded” xbox s and somehow it is performing worse than my original xbox one

  17. I love my "Xbox", it is called a PC, it is a black box shape and has an Xbox controller.

  18. Despite its issues I liked the Xbox One as I don’t really like Sonys exclusives (generally speaking). But I don’t think that generation of consoles was very good to begin with.

  19. To bad you need an Xbox one to watch 3D blurays because Xbox S/X can’t do it 😂

  20. Just have both consoles. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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