Is Boosteroid Actually any Good? Boosteroid Review 2023 -

Is Boosteroid Actually any Good? Boosteroid Review 2023

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Illegal, clone, scam. These are just some of the words thrown at Boosteroid over the last 12 months. But Microsoft have legitimised it recently, so let’s look into it and see if the service is any good.



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  1. I have a question – if i buy steam keys or rockstar keys, will i be able to use boosyeroid with those keys? Will it count as me owning the games?

  2. This Boosteroid is a piece of … something not good. I lost my saved data, 2 times. Played "The Talos Principle 2" with the Steam launcher, after I lost all my saves/progress, I always checked before shutting down the session in the steam cloud if my saves are there. Then the next day I launched boosteroid, launching the game and seeing that my saves are again gone. I quickly checking the steam cloud, seeing my saves there, downloading them and then 1 minute later they disappeared from the steam cloud. I didn't find a way to upload them back and resume my game. I'm very disappointed with this service.

  3. What alternative do you suggest to buying games on Steam/Epic etc. in addition to the cloud gaming subscription? If the games were to be included in the subscription, the price would have to hike, and there would most certainly be limitations on which games are included.

  4. Should have another take and see how much things improved now…….NOT! 500+ people que and at the end you get a "Error message" and get kicked back at the end of the que.

  5. Im on the basic paid tier, the wait times in the queue is bloody ridiculous, waiting 30 mins to play mortal kombat 1. I cancelled my subscription

  6. I just have one question can i play the new warzone and mw3?

  7. I think its too expensive for what it is. Took a half year subscription by mistake. only to discover i can only play about 40 procent of my games with this. plus it takes forever for them to put on new games. When I subscribe and pay about 9 euros a month i expect to be able to play any game I want. For I have to buy those as well..

  8. Boosteroid got a bullet a while ago after the facts they shit themselves and blocked me from seeing their profile. Shit me fuck I don't recommend it. MFA game is fags create sessions every now and then, supposedly with orange cooperation and fiber o orange sucks on their "super" shit. I don't recommend. Geforcenow on ultra I played AC odyssey, origins, battlfields and here is a comedy. They create session after session idiots and can't get along with EA making you play like me one game, the fucking mess stutters you try to enter and it shits "Too many computers…. Blah blah blah" you are fit to grate horseradish. Not to say that I reported to you a year and a half ago that the "mouse pointer" which is using the boosteroid gamepad when you click on the keyboard stutters. Which one of you comedians wrote me to fire up sessions via PC, j akurat I have, I wonder how others. A year and a half. Kids(boosteroi d) milking cash from investors for new game licenses, not doing a siphon of beta client NOTHING with it. Ps. This cmd can also backfire on you in huts so you better take the remark to yourself, bend your head and siewziąć because your fucking hands are falling off.

  9. The "double charging" you mention is actually the feature that swung it for me. After the shutdown of OnLive and then Stadia, and the resulting loss of any purchases made on those platforms, I'd rather keep my library separate. I already have or can buy the games I want to play on Steam and Epic – I don't want to buy them again on a closed box platform, I just want the flexibility of playing on my Mac or on a laptop that couldn't otherwise handle them.

  10. maybe boostroid massively improved in 5 months but despite living in Australia with 200ping having to use american severs I can still easily play most games and haven't encountered most of these issues except a once or twice so I guess they fixed it all or

  11. Boosteroid are actually terrible. I requested my subscription to be cancelled and they keep taking money from my bank account for nearly a year.

  12. Paying to play on GeForce now is not a big deal to me as i had to pay just to play with friends on ps5. As for lag i get none with basic cable.

  13. I actually had a great experience with Boosteroid ! Finished spiderman remastered and spiderman Miles Morales, also playing valorant with no lag whatsoever. The only problem is sometimes it does not load on iphone's safari but loads pretty fine on the ipad safari, no problem with chrome though which they recommend as a browser

  14. Thanks for the review, I was going to used boosteroid but Im glad I looked for review of it before doing anything. Since Boosteroid sucks do you have any cloud gaming sites that you do recommend.

  15. gfn is magic, the only shame is the lack of games that people like me like to play

  16. Trading boosteroid for nfa steam accs with hella games

  17. I appreciate hard truth, as someone with an outdated rig I've been dying to play RDR2 Online with friends or other games GFN won't provide. It seems even though Boosteroid allows these games where GFN won't, I'm sad to see their services are either the same as (for good or for bad) other cloud clients or even worse.

  18. I love this video I appreciate somebody actually telling the truth about cloud gaming

  19. I truly appreciate your honest reviews. You've warned me off of two "alternatives" to stadia so far. I loved Stadia because I only game 1 or 2 hours a month, if that, so I don't want to spend money on a massive PC to play Steam on… but I despise loading my XBox 1 because it never fails that it needs an update that will use up my entire hour. I just can't find something with promise….looking forward to anything you would recommend as a decent Stadia replacement.

  20. The lag is unplayable, ive never had this problem w them other cloud gaming platforms, and it keeps downloading something every time i open fortnite, its the first game im testing, i hope its because the service is on beta, and they fix the problems asap.

  21. Wow the quality of this video is insane, you deserve way more subs bro! Thanks for the in depth review–I think I'll just stick with GFN for now

  22. I have spent this week testing cloud gaming. So far. Out of Luna, Geforce now "free", and xcloud. Xcloud is by far the worst. Worst pixelation, looks like 720p or just bad bitrate. And even gave me Ghost recon wildlands today at 720p AND 30fps. Its good for playing on mobile. But not for anything bigger than that in my experience. Iv tried it multiple times. Its not 1080p. Its just not.

    For me thus far in my testing. Its Geforce now clearly in the lead. Luna is a strong second. Xcloud is lacking big time and does not look good at all, despite being responsive enough. It didnt run any game as good as either of the others. My main testing game was ghost recon wildlands. Which is not very well optimized, but it showed the real differences between them. However, resident evil 2 remake on luna, felt and looked amazing. No pixelation at all, looked native. And I had no way to test input lag since I dont own that game. But it was very good. Xcloud…is really behind.

    It seems like you feel like boosteroid is worse, so thanks for reviewing it. I will avoid it for now. I do know they have a deal with asus and will be getting 4k and 60-240fps sometime possbily in 2023. Maybe more server centers so more people can get optimal experiences. Who knows. But im excited to see where cloud gaming goes.

    *Edit. Yeah so, i paid for a month of boosteroid just to test it. Now I see why they dont offer any kind of trial. Unable to maintain 60fps in valheim at 1080p? Really? It was a mess and felt worse than any other cloud streaming service I have tried. It was awful. Definitely deserving of the bottom spot. Which is sad, because they support many more cool games. Bioshock, Dark souls. Stuff the others dont support. I hope they do well with their partnership with Asus and get some better hardware and stuff to run things. And optimize their interface better. Cause compared to the others. Its just…not as good. They arent a big mega corporation. So hopefully they put it into gear and get up to speed sooner rather than later. Cheers!

  23. I've just started testing this as really fancy a replay of RDR 2. I got it up and running fine via my Nvidia Shield, but did notice a fair bit of input lag on first session. Restarted and it was better but still there at times.
    Also am noticing a big difference in the speedtest between what the app was saying (50 ish) compared to what I get with Ookla etc (usually 400+).

  24. Is it really smoother on chromebooks than windows laptops?

  25. Thanks for the review Dorgaon. Just wondering – have you ever made a video about PS remote play? Do you think it's a viable way to game on a mobile device?

  26. Great listen… don't often hear analysis of these aspects of Boosteroid, but it's sad for the result of the current sphere of cloud gaming to be so… underwhelming

  27. Great Honest Review. I didnt know there was a pay wall behind seeing what games are on boosteroid…

  28. Your personal negative experience does not negate thousands of positive reviews online. Too bad you couldn't enjoy playing, but it does not mean everybody else won't as well.

  29. Hmm, really strange, for me all work well, didn't have any problem with input lag or picture quality. Most likely you are far from the server or there are some speed limits don't know, strange 😵😵😵

  30. Great video mate!

    Regarding the speedtest: I think the Boosteroid speedtest is to your closest DC, whereas Ooklas is to the closest edgenode they have, meaning results are expected to vary between them. BUT, your differences seem strange! The results should be closer than that.

    Sad to see you didn't have a good experience! Maybe it's the fact that I'm in the same town as their closest data center… IDK… But for me, it's been VERY close to GeForce Now. Meaning butter smooth with rare occasional stutters or slight artifacting. And I can't for the life of me figure out why it WOULDN'T run well for you.

    On my Android phone, in the app, touch support in windows (while clunky) works perfectly, making launching games easy enough. On my PCs and Chromebooks, no trouble at all. So I have NO idea how we have such different experiences! I've even had great experiences on 4G, both via the Android app and via tethering to my laptop.

    The difference from user to user is insanely hard to understand and solve I think. Wish it was as plug and play for everyone around the world as it's been for me.

    Personally, I've come to terms with the PC-Bring-Your-Own-Games cloud services. It means I can bring my games to another service or locally, should I have access to a local machine that runs it. Did I prefer Stadia? Yes. But at least I still have my games with Steam, Epic etc.

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