Installation And First Look Of PCLinuxOS (An Oldie But A Goodie!) -

Installation And First Look Of PCLinuxOS (An Oldie But A Goodie!)

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PCLinuxOS was once a very popular desktop Linux distribution in the early 2000s, but you never hear it mentioned nowadays. I think that is a shame so today I’m doing an installation and first look at the latest PCLinuxOS KDE (released about 3 months ago).


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  1. the look & feel feels kinda very reminiscent of Mandrake imo.

  2. this was the first distro I used and I ran it for years. I recently came across my install CD from 2007. I again ran it on my old Macbook from 2016 – 2020 ish.

  3. PCLinuxOS is a modern day Mandrake. Yes it is a good desktop OS.

  4. Hey DT, may i suggest a very unique OS, it's called B.A.L.D OS. You should try it.😂

  5. My first experience with Linux was Mandrake back in early 2000s – back to Windoz for a bit but now after a few years with Ubuntu MX Linux is my main system, this after you did a test drive on it.

  6. Finally, another "Linux" content again after a drama content yesterday.

  7. never been a fan of PClinuxOS and how they do things, it also seem unstable compared to ubuntu or even fedora

  8. Looks like some of the best software Linux has to offer is installed right out of the gate and I love the simple menu.

  9. There is a lot going for older distros,Tried and tested with all the kinks ironed out..slackware for instance being an example.

  10. 8:26 Hardware clock set to to local time or hardware clock set to UTC:
    Seriously, I run every hardware clock in UTC and let OS time zone offsets cope with human-related clock displays. I had serious problems in the Bad Old Days(™) dual booting Windows and Linux with both OSes applying daylight savings offsets to the local time HW clock and idiocy like that.
    My hard-won wisdom for many coding/OS situations is "run everything internally in canonical format, convert to human-friendly formats only when humans need to know."

  11. that naming scheme is so 2000's, now its mostly innuendos of someone's fetish. i.e psvita jailbreak software is called taihen

  12. Never got into PCLOS. Loved Mandrake & Mandriva… Using Mageia as my daily now.

  13. Before viewing: love of developers or consumers?

  14. I was watching djware's latest video and I was wondering which distro he is using.
    Now after watching this video I realised it's PCLinuxOs

  15. Does it have any relation to PCManFM

  16. Love that you gave PCLinuxOS some well deserved love. I am still in contact with Texstar, the founder, and some other members from the old guard. I was never disappointed with PCLinuxOS. It just worked. It still does. Also the magazine is still alive and kicking with some dedicated members working hard for a monthly edition. Probably the best Linux community I ever had the pleasure to be part of. I know Texstar has some health issues lately and others jump in and help out. They had lovely wallpapers back in the days. Hopefully somebody jumps in and creates some future ones. I had to rub my eyes and look twice….

  17. I actually had to Google search PCLinuxOS because I've never heard of it lol. Awesome video, DT!

  18. tz …. bad mistake : you used "upgrade" instead of "dist-upgrade"

  19. First time I hear of fear of the sudo command. But it is a valid fear, sudo is a dangerous convenience and I wish it wouldn't exist at all.

  20. its based on mandriva ore whatever mandriva is called now

  21. I tried PC Linux about 10 years ago. Back then it was one of the top 10 on distrowatch. It was okay, nothing too special about it. It used to be known for including more hardware drivers than other distro's, but now they're all mostly including the same drivers.

  22. This was my main OS for a while back in 2005. Loved it! I ran Linux for a couple of years and it was great fun, I learned a bit too. I run a Mac as my main these days and very occasionally a Windows rig as secondary, but I'll never forget those great Linux memories. Why don't I run it now? I find no use case for it in my life at the moment. I still enjoy watching others (like DT) use it, and I'm always learning (if not using) anyway.

  23. I've run it since 2006 and won't give it up. I've run Linux since '93!

  24. Funny that they chose GParted instead of KDE Partition Manager which is basically the same.

  25. 17:37 Ventoy as a menu option? Last time using that tool it was command line only, so could it be just a shortcut to a folder?

  26. I gotta know. The red lights flashing tin your rack behind you seem to match when you talk. Is that just luck or is it an eq or something in there?

  27. "I don't see it out in the wild" I'm just imagining DT going house to house, kicking in everyone's door, and looking to see what OS they're running.

  28. I recently tried PCLinux OS KDE. It didn't detect my screen resolution and was stuck on one that was way too zoomed in, and I had no window manager. I like PCLinuxOS, so I'll try it again after their next ISO upload and see how it is. I might try out the Mate and Xfce editions.

  29. I remember PearOS: The fruit that rotted off the tree. It's from the old days.

  30. It's easy to install sudo and edit /etc/sudoers.

  31. Distro: Gentoo and Manjaro
    Shell: zsh
    Window manager: i3 and Xfce
    Terminal: Guake
    File manager: Double Commander and Midnight Commander
    Photo processor: RawTherapee
    Photo organiser: XnView MP
    Music player: foobar2000 (via Wine)
    Web browser: Vivaldi

    The app I can't find an adequate equivalent for in Linux is IrfanView, which doesn't work well under Wine.

  32. Oh i got started on mandrake in 2000 -2001 that was the good ole days when if you wanted a 3d accelerated graphics card drivers installed you had to be ready to compile that kernel and gods help you if your cat ran across your keyboard while you were doing it LOL

  33. Man, I remember that Mandrake was THE #1 distro everyone was running from about 1999-early 2000s, back when Red Hat went commercial-only after the original Redhat 9(not enterprise) as their final community version. Mandrake Linux was originally a respin of the community Red Hat Linux.

  34. I had Mandriva, it was absolutely great, even for todays standards. They devlivered a very beautiful KDE-Desktop + fantastic (graphical) system tools. I was very happy with Mandriva.

  35. I bought Mandrake from a shop back in the day in the UK. Came with an instruction book 🙂

  36. Man…………… have you tried going to a psychotherapist?

  37. From around 2008-20012 or so PCLinuxOS was in the top five distros on Distrowatch.

  38. this is great – wouldn't mind some more reviews like this

  39. Actually, Bill (Texstar) actually maintained a very popular 3rd party repository for Linux Mandrake until the developers of Mandrake didn't like his repo and said something that ran him off. He responded with PCLinuxOS. Where is Mandrake now? lol He based it on what he knew, at the time, which was his long running distro of choice. Bill is a great guy, and that community is very good, but well moderated.

  40. I remember PC Mag. ; bought it for years. Good Mag.

  41. I have liked PCLinuxOS and kept going back to it. I used to like Sabayon Linux before they stopped making it. I very much like it but like distro hopping as well.

  42. Probably you should have done an apt dist-upgrade (full-upgrade) instead of just an apt upgrade – you ignored the output of apt upgrade…

  43. I tried it, but didn't like it. Had some strange issues with Firefox. I could not use compact mode, even when I enabled it in about config. Which was weird. Never experienced this before. And when I installed my favorite theme Fluent dark in get new global themes it installed, but when I clicked on use, I got an error. And my favorite icon theme Papirus dark I could not install either. In terminal as root apt install papirus-icon-theme. Theme not found. And the one in synaptic was only the regular one, not the dark. And the icons on the task manager were to small.

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