I'M SORRY BUT... Feraligatr Is Better Than Typhlosion... - Johto PTS Episode 5 - thinkfaststudio.com

I’M SORRY BUT… Feraligatr Is Better Than Typhlosion… – Johto PTS Episode 5

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Please keep in mind my sleep deprivation during this grind and excuse any silly willy goofy behavior, ty.

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  1. 05:20 I agree somewhat wish Goldenrod would be made the main city

  2. Patrouski? More like POOPtrouski AMIRITE? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA get it?????? POOOP

  3. I've been saying this since day one typhlosion is overrated like most of the fire starters, ofc typhlosion is good but feraligator is the best

  4. Early game/gym re-runs YES Feraligatr is better, but for late game content especially Lvl 90~100 E4 re-runs.. Typh has better coverage and would probably replace Feraligatr at that point anyway.. but that's just me and my preferences playing the game. =)

  5. Dude I was literally thinking the same thing yesterday night lmfao tryna make a nice johto team with minimum pokemons. Typhlosion is really really good especially in OG games however we cannot sweep the whole region with typhlosion in pokemmo (like I did in HGSS) Cuz of level caps. Overall gator has WAY better coverage than typhlosion and I def think it has a slightly better advantage than typhlosion. Again it's a personal choice to pick between typhlosion or gator. But pls for the love of God DO NOT PICK chikorita. Only pick chikorita if you are a masochist

  6. I think typlohsion will be pretty solid when we can relearn moves and heartscale moves.

  7. Im sorry but… Meganium is better than Both.

  8. Ngl feraligatr been the goat . My favorite pokemon for over 15 years

  9. feraligatr solo run johto is so easy bro. I can be done on the main storyline on a fresh save file in like 3 hours tops and get on to shiny hunting

  10. I'M SORRY BUT… No shit.

    Dragon dance and insane coverage vs specs/scarf eruption… No contest really.

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