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I Survived 100 Days in an INFINITE VILLAGE World in HARDCORE Minecraft!

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In todays video I was tasked to survive in hardcore minecraft in a world FULL of villages! Will I rise to the top as a rich king among the villagers or will I be struck down by the challenges of a hardcore world?

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Hardcore Minecraft will flip any casual minecrafter upside-down with an onslaught of hostile mobs that do insane damage to you. In this video I spent 100 days surviving the harsh elements that hardcore minecraft has to offer and I thrived in it.

0:00 Intro
0:51 “Day 1”
1:50 Apex Gaming PC’s
2:28 Day 1 For Real
18:15 Day 10
30:02 Day 20
34:40 Day 30
47:17 Day 40
1:01:50 Day 50
1:06:19 Day 60
1:14:07 Day 70
1:24:15 Day 80
1:33:27 Day 90
1:49:30 Day 100
1:49:31 What Will You Watch Next?

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  1. I am doing better about technoblades passing this vid helped a lot thank you

  2. Your vids are awesome and I need to see more. Though I am surprised that you spent so long in the over world instead of going to the nether to find mushrooms

  3. where is the second video of the new hardcore world?

  4. Why did you start out with 1 compass and they gradually kept growing?

  5. i feel kinda bad that he thought he caught the rarest but it was only the white one not the rare blue one

  6. I'm sorry about techno. I didn't know about this either. R.I.P. forever. also, my friend, those were not blue axolotls, those were white. its hard to see the difference, but if u put them on land without water u will c the they indeed r white. im sorry I had to say this, my friend.

  7. I am currently 20 min in and wondering if he ever finds out about the "coveted" blue (and pink) axolotl. This is hilarious

  8. the axolotls are cyan not blue therefore u didnt get a blue axolotl

  9. No offence but these axolotls we're the cyan ones not blue sorry bout that🤦

  10. I'm new to the channel and just wanted to say ur profile pic is dope

  11. why didn't you build a underground house?

  12. toubube doubube u are a good youtuber (im the secret dotor sues)

  13. love the challenge !!! please do 200 days !!! PLEASEE😭😭😫😫

  14. Best Minecraft video I have seen!!! You need to post more village vids.

  15. If you remine the anvil and set it down it becomes a new anvil!

  16. thats pain dude your ex me being rejected from my crush

  17. we will ever never forget about you tehnoblade the legend youtuber R.I.P

  18. Damn, who's gonna tell him about there being 2 types of blue axolotls

  19. Story time:
    I fought the wither, and then fought 5 wardens, AT ONCE, I only wanted to fight 2 🥲, I play bedrock, so I didn't have hard-core, if only the bedrock wither was like javas, which I actually beat while playing with my cousin, I ended up saying "wow that was easy!" She gave me a 'how dare you' look, then I told her I play bedrock and showed her a video showing her how difficult it is, she almost fell off of her bed, she didn't know it was that difficult 😂

  20. As some who also robs the Villagers this would be so much fun to play see how far I can "aquire" more and more stuff

  21. Pain you have some of the most amazing videos, and one of the best YouTubers in my opinion


  23. I missed this upload because of the recent news, glad I can watch it now to unwind and relax after a stressful two days. Thank you for always being such a ray of sunshine, man, it means to world to all of us.

  24. That 1.18 generation looks like the farlands

  25. Um side note spruce villages actually do have blacksmiths there the buildings with the grindstones outside

  26. 35:48 – fight a guy who’s channel is called ‘PainDomination’ and plata hardcore successfully? Yeah, I’d probably have better luck with the lottery.

  27. When mining I saw in your inventory it was getting full but what you can do is put raw iron and coal into blocks. I love that new feature

  28. The reason u couldn’t breed villagers the baby’s had to be able to jump on the bed

  29. Hi pain Your vents are the only thing getting me through quarantine right now somebody in my family has tested positive for corona and I’m stuck in the house for five days past Fourth of July and ends on the seventh thank you

  30. You didn’t get the rare axolotl‘s. you got normal ones

  31. Pain I think a good video would be a 100 days in a modded ancient city

  32. The viligars maybey they need u not to look (no hate)

  33. Nah this aint 100 days with Infinety village this is Just a 100 days of capatalism

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