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I Surprised a RANDOM Game Company with FREE Art

Imad Awan
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  1. This was fun! Comment if you want me to do this again!!! 😀

  2. This was awesome and loved the final result, like dam that is seriously an upgrade. And I will love to see more of these kinds of videos

  3. Please make a series remaking more game art covers

  4. only do some more research about the games itself 😉 , putting a game in there from 'arkane studios' (dishonored etc) will just get some litigious lawyers up your 'hind 😉

  5. Great video concept! I bet they'll be very pleased:).

  6. Nicely done, am sure game developers will not gonna believe that they got a free masterpiece.😁

  7. Love it , would love to see this as series . Keep up the Amazing Work .

  8. Damn, I miss your videos. Much love from Brazil.

  9. imad bhai your video is on point im making art for game lol thank you !

  10. hey Imad ! can you tell me the name of the software you used to create the knight variants ?

  11. Hahah, that is actually too good! Amazing art as always!

  12. Awesome work as usual! I also love the concept. Key art and promotional art is hard to nail and expensive for indie studios if you don't have a good artist already so this is both cool to watch and useful. Love it! Keep it up!

  13. This is a really cool concept for a series. I can see other youtube artists stealing this idea

  14. awsome. I like the medieval theme too:)

  15. some guys like you make videos both fun and useful. tnx imad. keep it going.

  16. Loved this! I would definitely love to see more videos like this on the channel.

  17. He imad! I just want you to know. I love your videos pls pls never stop making it. your videos are my stress buster i just love them. Keep growing man! Lots of respect for your hard work ❤

  18. You should totally make 3D models for use on Envato Elements 🙂 This was cool

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