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I Played Steam Games That Nobody Plays

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i played steam games nobody plays dint i

Games Featured:



outro song by Jachael123.


  1. And I must scream may be related to the short story 'I have no mouth and I must scream' but I can't be sure.

  2. Just want to say that evolve has an average playerbase from 13 currently. Which is way more sad and bad then all those games because of how hard it was hyped back then and that it became play for free

  3. Do this again mustache joe pepe from family guy

  4. The fact that you played Gangplank Galleon throughout that ad is making me buy a Displate, now.

  5. i fell to the ground in laguhter when he went "i visited heaven,1/10"

  6. Learn how to edit access a timer for really small to second it’s a videos times 1000 but do it and not a Billy an hour

  7. 11/10 best easter egg in gaming was the trailer to Nightshift in the first room

  8. And I Must Scream seems to be an art piece of a child coming to terms with Death for the first time. He has the mouth, but he doesn't know what he's feeling. Each word seems like poetic madness or garbage when in fact it's the mind of how a child could understand these unknown emotions. "Guilt is a hungry mirror, trapped in a prison of clocks." Meaning how unnecessarily guilty someone can become over time, and without them even knowing that their lack of knowledge is the problem that led to their guilt. They're looking at themselves, trapped behind time. Unable to get the words out of how they want to make sure that if they were there for who they loved, the outcome would end up the same. 'I have a mouth "And I Must Scream" but I can't.'

  9. Milo and the Magpie stonks after this video just shot through the roof

  10. The dota2 in the intro has me wheezing lol
    That clip is from LoL

  11. so i was watching this part about Milo and the Magpies and was thinking ''that entire background reminds me of a dutch neighborhood'' and at 16:29 the newspaper name (ons wijkje) is translated from dutch to english into ''our small neighborhood'' i just wanted to point that out because i could recognize it as dutch just because of how good the artwork is.
    Like it even features the local guy growing his own weed every dutch town has at least 2 of those.

  12. the ad actually had amazing info and EDITING, kudos mate

  13. Kirby and the rainbow curse song in the back ground was a nice touch

  14. i love the gangplank galleon in the background during the ad

  15. the masked racoon game has potential. will invest

  16. Thank you for sacrificing your sanity so we don't have to

  17. 6:40 I know I'd seen someone do a let's play of doodle date 🤔 maybe the analytics website just missed that game.

  18. Just found the channel. Editing is mental. Funny dude. +1 sub

  19. me: watches this video, the whole video, being the first video of joesppi i watched
    joseppi:made it to the end? i love you forever
    me: 😀

  20. Pretty sure Pipi Is picking up fidget spinners and mod box vapes lol

  21. Yo I remember Aphmau playing doodle date once during her peak lmao, that game was wack

  22. I am definitely gonna play milo and the magpies

  23. Ones that looked interesting. "Transgender" loooll

  24. creator of search for fran probably on a yacht somewhere atm

  25. I think I remember watching jacksepticeye play doodle date a couple years back, could be wrong tho

  26. The work that has been put in this video is absolutely immense.

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