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I made $11K Selling BASIC Digital Products on Etsy

Sandra Di
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Want to know exactly how I made $11K selling digital products on Etsy? I am sharing all my tips on starting an Etsy digital download business that will make sales fast. This video lists some digital product ideas that I recommend looking into if you’ve been thinking about starting a successful Etsy digital products shop. Learn how to sell digital products online by watching this video in full!


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  1. When you have more than one etsy shop do you need to link or list your other shops in description?

  2. Another good one with so much information…thank you!! I'll need to rewatch it and take notes. 😄

  3. Hi, great video, I'm just starting with Etsy, and I'm wondering if it will work well to create printables in Spanish as well.

  4. As someone totally new to selling anything online, would you suggest POD or selling printables? I understand to be successful in either you need consistency & hard work (&maybe time) before seeing any profit but obviously making a profit sooner rather than later is great for motivation & my bank account 😅

  5. Just curious…when you plan on what you're going to focus on for the following day but then discover the next day that you're getting more ideas or feel more focused on something else, do you tend to switch gears or stick to your original plan, even if it takes longer to get your thoughts together on that? Sometimes I say I want to focus on "abc" tomorrow because it needs more attention, more listings, more creativity, etc., but then it's "xyz" that I get more juices flowing about and feel more productive about. Sometimes I'm not sure if I should stick to my original plan for the day even if the ideas aren't easily flowing and I feel like I'm wasting time or switch over and work on something else because I'm at least getting something done more quickly. I tend to switch over but then I feel like I'm neglecting or procrastinating on the other task.

  6. Sandra another great tips!! I’m going to try pinning my Etsy shop with your strategy and see how it will go because I’ve been making my digital download and listing. Haven’t learn Pinterest marketing yet so I’m going to do that next.

  7. Sandra you are my favorite blogger! You are a wonderful teacher and this is another video where in such a short time – you give incredible information! Thank you friend! I look forward to many more useful videos from you and wish you prosperity and success!😍

  8. I just havent had any luck bringing people to my etsy

  9. "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." –Motivation

  10. Which bank you have used for etsy in canada? Can we use Wise?

  11. That's interesting. You use the creative fabrica cliparts as standalone? I thought you couldn't do that. By the way, thank you for another useful video!

  12. Thank you so much Sandra!! I can feel and see that you deeply want to help people with your videos and you do!!

    I have started an Etsy shop last year and did not make any sells..I was so frustated that I stoped. I have deleted all my stuff cuz I realized that I was in the wrong niche and not really enjoyed what I did. You motivated me to make a fresh start.💪 Thank you✨

  13. How do you keep others from buying your products and selling those from their store? Not sure if that is a thing.

  14. Sandra, hi you have given so much information in your videos and you have helped me a lot. I want to launch my store very soon. I know i will be starting with printables and then switching to POD, should i then make a new shop for the POD or do i just add another listing to the printables shop?

  15. Hi sandra can you help me to find low competitive keyword for etsy product 😊

  16. Hi Sandra, i am just creating my etsy shop through your 40 listing link and in the billing section says i will be charged 0.19 first day of next month for the first listing created when creating the account. Where can i see my free listings? Thank you! SOLVED

  17. Thank you! This is so helpful.
    I have one question about creating multiple etsy shops! you did it with same ID card or multiple and same for bank account. I hope you answer me ❤

  18. Lots of great tips and advice here, thanks Sandra!

  19. So much tips! I was wondering if it is worth to advertising on Pinterest, thank you for your advice!

  20. Do you upload an extra page with your file that includes social media and freebie link?

  21. I'm not unstanding how to make it downloadable on Canva?

  22. Thoughtful, focused and information rich video. Thank you.

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